Hi! I’m Brittany. I’m 19, a full time worker and part time student studying accounting. I love food, fashion and beauty! And exclamation marks!!!!

So this is a blog where I am going to write about foods I adore, trends in fashion and my own beauty tips! I’m new so this is scary, hope I make it out the other end!!




  1. You go girl!!! I’ll definitely be following religiously! You should do some beauty how-to’s for day and for night!

    1. I’m so scared people think what I write about is dumb. To be honest I don’t care is no-one reads it, just always wanted to start a blog or a you-tube channel or something like that so I thought I would give it a go :)

      But yes, I want to do like hair and makeup how’to’s and products I like etc.

      Doing beauty on a budget I like to call it.

      1. No! No one will think you are dumb at all. Trust me, they’ll love this blog. It’s of abit of everything. i’d just say make sure you spell check everything :)
        I love those ideas those, I’m definitely going to tune in. YouTube would be a great way to do those. If you need any help or anything just say the word :) This is awesome chicka! Xx

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