Cute Polka-dot Nails

Hi Guys,

So being one of three girl daughters I am notoriously girly. I love girly things; doing my hair, makeup, nails, going shopping. So I just wanted to quickly show you a quick nail art design that is easy and fun and you are sure to get complimented on.

Step 1: Apply one base coat (this step is totally optional).

Step 2: Apply two coats of any colour.

Step 3. Get a bobby bin (yes a bobby bin, so easy!) and using another colour, dip it in the polish and dot and many dots on your nail as you like.

Step 4: Let it dry completely and finish it off with a top coat.

Taaa-daaaaaa cute manicure complete!

Here is a photo of mine!


7-05-2013 4-18-16 PM



      1. I’ve got heaps of bobby pins so I’ll give that a try. I might do red nails and then one ‘statement’ nail like that, just to see what it’s like :)

        1. You will have to like bend the bobby pin so it will get ruined but its a great idea. And you can make the dots bigger or smaller depending on how much you dump the bobby pin in the polish.

          Red would look so good! Cant wait to see how it goes :)

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