Hi Guys,

Up until a few months ago I would always put my primer on, pack my face with concealer and then put my foundation on. Boy was I wrong! When you apply your foundation first you cover up most of the imperfections already, then you only need to go back and touch up a few blemishes with concealer. By putting on my concealer first I used up a lot more concealer then I actually needed and when putting on my foundation with a brush I was basically wiping off my concealer anyways, ahh so silly! So to do this the right way:

Step 1: Apply foundation all over the face with a brush or sponge.

Step 2: Have a close up look and see if there are any areas which need a bit more coverage.

Step 3: Spot conceal on those areas which were missed (make sure to only apply a thin layer).

My favourite concealer is Essence Stay Natural Concealer. It’s a wind up pen so it’s so easy to use, best of all it’s so cheap! I think it was $3-5 from Priceline! Cant beat it! It looks like this…





    1. I first apply concealer using my fingers and then I will blend using a brush. If I’m short for time I will just use my finger.
      Also I use a lighter concealer then my foundation for my undereye as it helps to highlight my face :)

      1. Ok, I’ll give that a go next time. Normally I just use a brush so I’ll keep you posted. How do you do the under eye concealer because there’s so many techniques out there?

        1. Basically I just wind up my concealer. Place it under my eyes and on my eye lids (I have super veiny eyelids) and blend it in. Always remember to conceal your inner corner as well.

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