Beauty Storage Unit – affordable and amazing!!!

So lets talk storage! Just yesterday I found the most perfect makeup storage unit for myself. Its from Typo and here is the link

This unit is gorgeous, it comprises of four pull out drawers perfect to fit all your everyday makeup essentials in. Mine came in a amazing tiffany blue colour but I believe it also comes in a brown. Not only was this piece affordable ($11) its practical. It sits in my bathroom and stores my makeup perfectly. This isn’t call my collection but is a good chunk of it. Just quickly running you through whats where. In the top drawer I have my powders, blushes and bronzes.


Next one down is all my mascaras, brow tools, eyeliners etc,


Next is my concealers, primers, one napoleon foundation and my beauty blender.


The final draw is my liquid foundation, my kabuki brush and eyelash curler.


So there it is, visit the site below and get your hands on one of these storage units. They are amazing, I promise you wont regret it!








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