Makeup Haul – Priceline

So last night I went out for Thursday night shopping with a friend and we found ourselves in Priceline. Not even kidding we would have been there for like an hour so I just wanted to share quickly the products I got.


Firstly, I got the L’Oreal true match foundation because I had heard so many beauty guru’s on YouTube rave about it. I put it on this morning and so far so good. It is very light on the skin but the coverage isn’t as good and I hoped. (Side note: if you were wondering I got shade W2 and it was $24.33 on sale)


Secondly, I picked up eyebrow gel. Never used a product before so it was weird when I first applied it but I definitely like it.


Thirdly, I got an essence lip gloss. Its a nice nude colour so I cant wait to try it out.


 I also got three amazing nail polishes. I swear I have way too many but they were only $2.75 and they look so fresh and bright so how could I refuse.


Last but not least,ImageI got a Manicare blending brush. Haven’t used this one yet so cant wait to see what its like!


Anyways that’s me. Have a good weekend lovely’s.



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