Review – Lioele Triple the Solution

I decided I wanted to start writing product reviews, so here is my review on a popular BB cream- Lioele’s Triple the Solution! 

Description: UV Protection (SPF 30 pa ++) – Whitening, Wrinkle care, Oil and Acne Control. Triple skin skin solution create a young fresh look and with great flawless coverage. Non greasy, creamy and lightweight, this BB cream will allow your skin to breathe. This foundation substitute will not only provide you with coverage, it will help fade and brighten old acne blemishes with plant extracts such as Tangerine and Strawberry. (from

Packaging: The packaging is cute. It’s a cute girly pink and white design and has a great pump. The pump has good control and you are able to pump out as much as you want without accidently pumping out too much product. Because it’s a pump is as hygienic as you can get.

Results/Coverage: This product has medium/heavy coverage depending on how you apply it. Compared to other BB creams I have tried, it would definitely have the best coverage. On days where I don’t want to wear makeup but I just want to even out my skin tone, this is my go to.

When applying it at first it feels quite heavy but in saying that it does spread quite evenly. If you are going for a full coverage look I would suggest using this as your primer. It will even out the skin before putting on foundation (possibly eliminating the need for concealer completely).

Overall it’s a really great BB cream. The best I have tried to date. It gives my skin a nice glow and as someone with oily skin it is definitely wearable without the need to apply powder. Although if you are after a perfect matte look I would suggest using a powder.





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