I CONFESS!! I have a serious addiction!!

Without a doubt I can admit to you guys that I am one of those people that gets obsessed with things. Right now its makeup. Six months ago it was nail polish. During that obsessive phase I collected probably 100 nail polishes. I mean, I still love my nail polishes but makeup is my current obsession. So as a crazy obsessed makeup freak I did what any crazy lady would do and went and bought some more makeup. So this is just a quick haul to show you what I got.

Until now I had never owned any benefit cosmetics so I thought its time I opened my collection up to this amazing brand. I have heard so many good reviews (on here and on yourtube) on the POREfessional primer and the high beam  highlighter. So I bought the full sized POREfessional but decided to get the high beam as part of a pack as is came with a blusher, lip gloss and the infamous rose tint. I am so excited to try out these products and write a review but I just wanted to show you guys this mini haul quickly! Did I mention I got a free masacara?! That’s right Myer’s highest selling product was thrown in for free when I bought the other two products, so I am stoked about this! Will post a review soon and will include swatches so keep an eye out.

Have a good day guys :)









  1. I love the kits from benefit :) it’s such a fun way to test out a brand before splurging all your money on the full sizes haha.

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