The Many Colours of Brittany’s Hair

I like to think of myself as a bit of a “bad ass” when it comes to dying my hair. I am bold and willing to try a whole range of colours. So I just wanted to quickly share a few photos of different colours/styles I have had over the years and ask your opinion on what I should do next!


Current Hair 


Very Short Hair (about 4-5 years ago)


 My Emo Stage


Blondie Brit (High School Formal)


Purple Fringe


Half Blonde, Half Brown Brit


 Pink Brit (I went as Lady Gaga to a work party!)


Half blonde, half red Brit


 Blonde and violet Brit


 Blonde and red Brit


My super bright pink dip dye hair I had over Xmas

Leave a comment down below with what I should try next, I’m feeling its time for change!!

Have a great day lovelies




  1. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but I really like your hair the way it is! I love the side fringe on you to. I’ve had a few different colours over the years too! I love the coloured looks :)

          1. Yes! We should get coffee :) I’m in every Tuesday until 12. But not next week. I’ve had light brown, light browney/Redish, dark blonde, black with a red strip, dark brown… :) I think I prefer it lighter though

          2. Do you go to work after 12? I’m in only from 11-12 because I usually watch the lecture online. I’m doing Company Accounting, Corporations Law, Strategic Management Accounting and Law of business entities. What about you? :)

          3. Hated company accounting with a passion, but loved corps law and strat man!
            I’m part time so I am only doing Tax Law and Personal Financial Planning

  2. Humm… a chuck of bright color on the side of the bangs with a matching thick streak in the longer stuff. :) Pink, or purple, or red. I just did mine super hero red!

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