Scincare Favourites: Top 5 (quick review)

Hi Lovelies,

These are my top 5 skincare pics.


Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub: I love cleansers where you can feel it really scrub your face. This is perfect for that. It exfoliates and is deep cleansing.

Biore Deap Cleansing Pore Strips: Like most people, the worst black heads can be found on my nose. So I like to use these every now and then to clean my pores. They work a treat!

Innoxa Stretch Marks: I, like most of you probably, have stretch marks. I hate them, but they are a fact of life. This however doesn’t mean I won’t do anything in my power to hide/minimise the scar they leave. So this is what I use :)

Cetaphil Moisturiser: This is that awesome cheap moisturiser that I just love to chuck anywhere when I feel a bit dry, whether it be my legs or my elbows (also my face). This is probably the cheapest/well rounded moisturiser on the market!

Olay Moisturiser (normal skin): Last but not least, my favourite moisturiser. This just works and that’s all I can say! I’ve never had a moisturiser that didn’t make me feel oily and gross before this product and now I have this I don’t think I will ever change!






Also, another beauty must for me is doing face masks. Check out this awesome pic of me and my sis doing one. I grab these off ebay :)




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