Money saving tips for Christmas Shopping :)

Hi Guys,

Christmas is just around the corner so I thought I would help you out with some money saving tips as we approach the most expensive time of the year.

 1.      Always compare prices – don’t just buy from the first store, 9/10 other stores will be happy to price match if you can show other stores have a better price

2.      Use vouchers discount codes where possible – this time of the year almost all shops have discounts going so keen an eye out and cash in on these special buys

3.      Ask others to chip in for presents – that way the person you are buying for gets a bigger and better present but also you may able to get some savings

4.      Secret Santa – Instead of the whole family buying gifts for each person organise a Secret Santa

5.      Stick to your list – when going to the shops at Christmas time you tend to go a bit crazy so I suggest go with your list of presents you need and stick to it (this will be a saviour to your bank account)

These are my top tips, comment below with your best budget tips for Christmas :)




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