Sisters Graduation Makeup: Smokey eye and nude lip

Hi Guys,

I had the pleasure of doing my little sister’s makeup for her graduation. When she asked me to do her makeup I was mortified. Although I am fairly good as doing my own makeup, I find it absolutely terrifying to do another persons. Its a completely different ball game am I right? Different skin, different shaped eyes etc. So we did a practice run and she was happy with it and gave me the go ahead for the special day and this was the look I created. 

I used a full coverage foundation and created a natural smokey eye using the Naked 2 palette. What are your thoughts on the look I created? 






Me and lil sis on graduation day 



Me, cousin Matt, besties Lauren, lil sis Miki, cousin Steph



Me, bestie and lil sis :)





  1. It looks super pretty! I love your dress too!! Yeah doing other people’s makeup is completely different then doing your own. I find it way easier to do eyeliner on other people though!

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