Review: Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush

WOW! What a brilliant product! I really could stop there and that would some it up right there and then but I wanted to share with you why this is such a brilliant product. Now, being a lip scrub, it’s definitely not on the top of the list of must by beauty products like foundation and mascara but this is a product that you don’t realise how beneficial it is until you try it.

The smell is bewitching, and as the label suggests it possesses a strong bubblegum smell. My favourite part about this lip scrub is that it’s completely edible as its made with sugar and flavouring. I mean, for the price it is a bit exy when you consider it’s just a bit of sugar and flavouring but who really has time to make their own lip scrub nowadays. A weird thing about this scrub is that as awesome as it is for it to be edible, it’s kind of gross when you realise you are actually eating the dead skin cells off your lips (but what harm can a few dead skin cells do right!!?).

Now to the actual product, this baby works like a gem! I don’t have dry or chapped lips but I notice just how soft my lips feel after I use this product! I do however recommend following this process up by applying a moisturising lip balm to lock in that soft feeling. I have had this product for a few months now and other than when my sisters boyfriend stuck his finger in and pulled out WAYY too much product the jar looks barely touched. I can see this pot is going to last me a long time and will be an essential during the colder months :)

Overall, this product is amazing and totally worth $10AUD. If you havnt picked it up already get to it! Your lips will be lush :)








  1. So weird, I was just saying that I want to try this product – and seen your review! Just what I needed – definitely going to pick it up now. Thanks for this! Btw, you’re absolutely gorg! x

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