Benefit Cosmetics Haul

Hi Guys,

So today I am bringing to you my Benefit Haul from a while back now. I received this before Christmas but have just had time to collate this post now. So as usual, America is ahead of the game and has all the best brands at almost half the price we pay in Australia. That in mind, I thought I would take advantage of their free international shipping and stock up on some Benefit goodies :) Here is what I got..


Firstly I got two of their Primed for lovin gift sets. I don’t think I actually meant to get two of these rather accidentally clicked it in the cart but they will make great presents with a lot of birthdays coming up :)



I also then got their Hoola bronzer (I had too, so much rave about this product!), the goodtime gals set, coral my world set and gimme brow! The two sets I got were under $20 and they just looked like good sample sizes for me to try out from more of the Benefit range. With the gimme brow I had heard mixed reviews from this product and really wanted to give it a go myself.

Look out for coming posts with me using these Benefit products and my thoughts on these :)




  1. Great haul lovely :) I’m about to purchase the full size hoola from the US ;) it’s awesome that they always do free shipping to Australia.

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