M.A.C Saint Germain Lipstick Review

Hi Guys,

So today I am reviewing M.A.C’s Saint Germain Lipstick. Now this is the first M.A.C product I have ever purchased and the only one I own to this day. I had heard so many good things and when I tried it on at the shops I simply couldn’t resist not buying it. In Australia M.A.C is ridiculously expensive so this baby cost me a steep $36 which is the most I have ever paid for a lip product but I don’t regret it at all I love this lipstick!


(As you can tell I use this a lot as there’s not much left! This is is on my lips)

It’s a bubble gum pink which is bright and fun! For me this is my perfect clubbing lipstick cause it super bright and it has great staying power. It’s one of M.A.C’s amplified cream lipsticks which means it build able which I love about it, so I can dab a bit on if I want to wear it to work or layer it thick to get a brighter pink.


(please not this is not my image just one I found from the net which shows the colour better)

In terms of packaging M.A.C does an amazing job so no complaints in that department. I love how its vanilla scented, smells soo yummy! Saint Germain is definitely one of those colours though that you will either love or hate and I just happened to love it. It goes with my skin tone and doesn’t make my teeth look yellow which is what happens to a lot of other people who use this product so that’s good. I will without a doubt repurchase this product but I will wait until I go to USA in Feb as I can pick it up for $15US which is less than half of what we Aussies pay!

Overall this is a great lipstick with awesome pigmentation, a super creamy texture and great long lasting power!


(And it matches me top! Boy do I have my shit together today or what! :P )

Have you guys tried this lipstick or what is your favourite lipstick from M.A.C? Any suggestions of lipsticks I should pick up for when I go to America?




    1. Thanks :) Oh I shall check that colour out!
      And I am coming to Hawaii for a week, I heard they have amazing shopping there so I am so excited!
      Which part of the US are you from?

      1. Yes you totally should! And you are going to have an amazing time!
        I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful! And I live in Georgia, which is in the South East right above Florida.

        1. I hope so! I want to do more of the US but this is just a short relaxing holiday as we scored super cheap flights through JetStar for $600 return which is amazing cause they are normally around $1200-$1500!
          And awesome :) I want to move to the US for like a year, such an awesome place!

          1. Have you ever been to the US before? And yeah that’s a great price! It is an awesome place- so many different places to visit! I’m originally from New Jersey.

  1. Omfg I love this lipstick too! It’s amazing! I buy all my makeup from the US because it’s outrageously expensive here :( I can tell you heaps to get ;) my favourite is Creme Cup. You should also get the LORAC pro palette while you’re there. It’s amazeballs.

  2. Wish I could pull off these bubblegummy pinks – it looks nice on you! In South Africa, MAC lippies go for about R185. 00 (that’s basically a lot), but then again, even Yardley / Revlon etc ones go for like R130. 00 :(

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