One brand makeup look: ELF Cosmetics

Hi Guys,

So today I thought I would do a one branded makeup look. I picked ELF Cosmetics as I recently picked up a few more products and have enough to do a full face look :) ELF is probably the cheapest makeup brands I have come across that actually have decent products. ELF does have a number of hits and misses and despite the brands misses when ELF hits it hits hard!! A hit from ELF is their amazing eye brow kit which trumps anything I have ever tried. I am also a huge fan of their studio blush in peachy keen which leaves the softest peach glow on your cheeks. I pick up my ELF products from here or here



In reviewing the ELF products I do have to mention that I am still undecided how I feel about a few of the products as I haven’t used them long enough to form a full opinion on how they work for me. It was my first time using the liquid foundation and powder and I mean for a foundation that cost me $3 I can’t really complain but I found it did give me that sticky sunscreen feeling if that makes any sense (also the bottles pump came broken so that sucks as I had to open up the bottle and swipe it on the back of my hand which isnt very hygienic).. I found the powder did help with the shininess that the foundation left me but it definitely wasn’t a mattifying/full coverage powder. I tried the bronzer from the bronzer and blush duo as well for the first time and I had no idea it would be so pigmented and swept a lot more than I expected onto my face. Don’t you hate that?! I then used the Studio Blush in Peachy Keen which I absolutely adore. This is probably my favourite blush I have ever come across, such a beautiful colour! As usual I used the eyebrow kit and then used the waterproof eyeliner. Now this was interesting to work with as I think mine had dried out so it was a bit of a mission to apply. I finished up with mascara and I had to use my Jordana Extreme Lash Mascara as I didn’t own an ELF mascara (so nearly 100% elf haha).

 Anyways, so there it is, did you enjoy this full branded makeup look? If so, what brand should I try next?




  1. I think 1 brand looks is a great idea! I wasn’t a fan of that foundation or powder :( but their blushes are great! And the eyebrow kit is my favourite! ! ♡

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