First impression and mini review: Targets Face Wipes

Hi Guys,

Sorry I have been a bit MIA these past two days, works been cray and I just started back at uni today.

So after uni I went to target and picked up a few things (haul soon) and I got these makeup wipes that were cheap and wanted to do a quick review for you.

I picked up the Target 3-in-1 Facial Wipes and Target eye makeup remover pads.


I don’t hold high expectations for facial wipes in general, especially not ones which are meant to remove eye makeup. Like pfft, it’s hard enough to remove eye makeup with the best face cleansers let alone eye makeup remover pads but wow was I suprised. It literally got all of my mascara off, I was even wearing Benefit’s They’re Real mascara which is know as a hard to remove makeup, so that’s a huge testament to this product. Extremely impressed. In regards to the 3-in-1 face wipes I didn’t see anything extra benefits from what you can expect from a normal face wipe so it’s not a mind boggling product but for $2 it’s a must have.


So there you have it, a quick first impression and review of Targets face wipe range.

Until next time..



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