Sephora Haul #bbloggers

Hi Guys,

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you will know I was recently in the US on holidays in Hawaii. You will also know I went a little shopping crazy and racked up a huge bill buying lots of beauty items, but that’s what your meant to do while you’re on holidays right!?! Boy was I gobsmacked when I went to Sephora. I swear you could spend a full day in there and still not have enough time to look and admire all their amazing products, you are definitely be spoiled for choice!

So onto what I picked up a pore cleansing pad by Sephora, one of their brow pencils in light, a small sample size Glam Glow face mask, a Sephora lipstick in Unfaithful and a YSL lipstick in the shade Rose Lingerie. Sephora was also nice enough to through in a body butter sample.


When you look at it it doesn’t really look like much but all of this cost me around $90 US which is over $100 AUD. Mostly of this was taken up by the lipstick which cost me $35 alone and the Glam Glow mask which was about $20.

I haven’t had a chance to use the pore cleansing pad yet but from the website suggests it is “A flexible silicone pad that gently massages the face and helps deliver deeply clean, radiant results.” Check back in a while cause by the reviews from the website this product sounds amazing and I am sure it will be in one of my monthly favourites soon.


I’m not a huge fan of brow pencils so was surprised when I liked the swatch of Sephora’s brow pen in light. Its double sided and come with a brush on the end so you can comb those brows before you fill them in. I have been using this brow pencil nearly every day since I purchased it and I am very impressed.


I can’t even tell you how many people through the YouTube and blogging community I have heard using the Glam Glow face mask so I just had to pick it up while I was in the US. Being a pricey item I opted for the smaller sample size cause I figure if it really does work I can always go back and repurchase it. I don’t want to say too much about this product as I have a review planned soon so just keep your eyes peeled.


This coral coloured lipstick in the shade unfaithful caught my eye and I just had to have it. It was a steal at $12.50 US and although I am yet to use it (as I have so many other lipsticks I need to use up) I am sure this will become a favourite.


And last but certainly not least, my favourite item from the haul, a YSL lipstick in Rose Lingerie. It has been on my beauty wishlist for months so how could I not pick up one of these babies! Being so expensive I wanted to get good use out of this item so I went for a baby pink which is a perfect everyday colour. I have used this multiple times since and love it!


So there you have it my haul from Sephora! I just want to go back already. I will definitely be bringing over more money for shopping next time :)


Until next time..




  1. Nice haul Brittany! How gorgeous are the YSL lipsticks! I have 1 & I love it. The white super clearing glam glow mask is the best :)

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