Top 5 Lip Creams

Hi Guys,

So today I am posting about my top 5 lip creams or lip glosses that work like lipsticks (as you can tell I was unsure what to call this :P). I suppose it’s cause lip glosses that give a lipstick effect are relatively new. They are all the rage at the moment but if you look back a few years ago I’m pretty sure they just didn’t exist (correct me if I’m wrong :P). I love the idea of a lip cream. I struggle hard core when applying lipstick so the fact that makeup company’s have made it easier for us lipstick strugglers is great. Anyways, onto the top 5 I picked. 


(Left to right: Rimmel London’s Apocalips in Big Bang, Australis Veloulips in MALIBOO, NYX Soft Matter Lip Cream in Addis Abada, Rimmel London’s Apocalips in Luna and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm)

I LOVEE all of these babies and wear them on a regular basis. I have done reviews on three out of the five I have picked to make sure you go and check them out too. But I just love these. Like I said, I’m not the best at applying lipstick, despite how hard I try. I always seem to overdraw and then my lips become uneven rah rah rah, probably all stem backs to primary school days when I just never learnt to colour in the lines properly lol! So yeh, these products have just made wearing colour on my lips that much easier.


  • Rimmel London’s Apocalips in Big Bang – this is a super bright red shade that really packs the punch! 
  • Australis Veloulips in MALIBOO – Australis really upted their game when it comes to lip products and this matte lip cream is no exception. The colour payout is the exact same as the packaging and I absolutely love this product, its a must buy!
  • NYX Soft Matter Lip Cream in Addis Abada – NYX has done it again! I am never disappointed with NYX products so its no surprise one of their lip matte creams made it into the top 5. Its a beautiful hot pink shade that’s perfect for a night out :) 
  • Rimmel London’s Apocalips in Luna – This product is deceptively orange making this a lot bolder than the nude/peach I thought I had purchased. Never the less I love this product as orange colours always compliment blue eyes. 
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm – This one is a bit less pigmented than the others so if you want something subtle but still provides colour and shine then this if your baby. It also has a yummy minty taste to it so you’ll be applying it all day :)

What are your favourite lip matte creams?

Until next time..




  1. great post Brittany :) I am obsessed with the Revlon balm stains! They are so good!! Velourlips are great too, but I wish they had a bigger shade range. I rate the Lime Crime Velvetines too :)

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