Empties #1

Hi Guys,

So today I am doing my first empties post. When it comes to empty products I am really good at jus chucking stuff away fairly quickly so I never feel like I have enough products to do an empty post but alas these five products will have to do.

Bastille Dry Shampoo in Original – this product is a staple to me. I would use it every second day after washing my hair to just clean it up and make it non-greasy. Its safe to say this product is a lifesaver for girls all over the world. It can however be pricey for what it is so I always like to pick it up when Priceline is having a sale.

Would I repurchase? I sure will – not to mention I have two backups at home all ready to go.

Britney Spears Perfume in Radiance – this perfume I have legit had for three years. My mum bought it for me late 2010 at the airport on our way to Fiji (so thanks mum!). Not sure what the deal is with expiry dates for perfumes but this scent lasted the whole time and didn’t go off. It’s a beautiful sweet scent and was my staple perfume for a long time.

Would I repurchase? Probably not. Although I love this scent I am currently rocking a new one by Chloe. I like to mix it up with perfume and tend to not stick with the same one.

Napoleon Peridis Neo Noir Liquid Eyeliner – this is a beginners dream. It makes eyeliner so easy to apply and gives professional results. I had to throw out this product for more hygene reasons rather than there not still being any product left.

Would I repurchase? No – although this is a god sent product for beginners I have found an exact dupe by Essence which is now my new holy grail for eyeliner.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder – it’s no secret this product is well loved among the beauty community. Its an exact dupe for the MAC powder although I have never tried the MAC powder myself.

Would I repurchase? Confession time.. I already have six back ups of this one powder haha! Australis had a 50% off sale on Australia day so I stocked up!

Crème eyelash adhesive – This is just a standard eyelash adhesive. I did like the Cherry Blossom formula better but for $1 you can’t complain

Would I repurchase? Probably not. I think I will stick to buying the Cherry Blossom one in the future.



So there you had it, my first ever empities post. I love reading these posts! Did you enjoy my empties post?

Until next time..




  1. I just did my Empties post today, too! I have to try Batiste at some point. I usually either use Amika’s or plain baby powder, but I think Batiste might be a better price point without making my hair look dull like the baby powder does.

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