The dream team – best products for a full coverage makeup look

Hi Guys,

Today I’m sharing with you my face dream team that I use when I am wanting a full coverage foundation base for a night out clubbing!!


Firstly, primer. It’s no secret I have chosen Porefessional by Benefit. I don’t have huge pores so instead I use this as a base and I just find its keeps my foundation matte throughout the night and doesn’t move the product around my face, it just helps it all stay put!

Secondly, foundation. I’m not going to lie, the first few times I used MAC Studio Fix I didn’t like it. I thought the hype was overrated and I wasn’t getting the coverage I required from it. It’s definitely a buildable foundation not going on heavy in your first layer. You definitely have to build up to it so depending on how much coverage you like/are after, this product creates the perfect look. Its also very light (which is surprising) and you don’t feel like your skin is stiff and unable to breath like some other full coverage foundations are. Will definitely be repurchasing this. It’s not an everyday foundation for me but I havnt been out clubbing since I purchased this product and not wearing Studio Fix.

Lastly, concealer. The hype is real! This product is worth it! Don’t waste any more time umm’ing and arr’ing about it, GO GET IT NOW! I did get mine from America so it only cost me $19 + tax instead of the $32 it costs in Australia so if you are confident ordering online from America definitely do it. I would even go as far to say that its worth the $32 Australian Dollars as with this product a little goes a LONGGG way. It’s a little pump bottle and this product just spreads so far and you would only need half a pump per use. It brightens and highlights and there is just not a bad word I can say about this product.


So there you have it! My dream team products for a full coverage face for a night out! What is your dream team?

Until next time..




    1. I got it off the American benefit website! I think they are $50 plus but on the American website it’s $31 or something
      I have two backups if you wanted to buy one off me
      I’m stocked upppp

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