One year blog anniversary

Hi Guys,

So today is a special day. Today is my one year blog anniversary! How crazy is that!?



To this day only a few people in my personal life know I have a blog. Why you ask? I like to keep this as my escape. A space free of judgement where I can express my own opinions about things I am passionate about. Ask me a year ago if I expected to be welcomed into an amazing blogging community where I would make numerous friends online who I talk to on a daily basis and I would have laughed at you. It’s amazing how many people I have met “online met” through blogging and I truly value their friendship.

In high school English was my worst subject. This is partly the reason I don’t tell people I blog as I struggle to express my opinions concisely in coherent English and I’m afraid people will laugh at my failed attempt at blogging. But here I am, a year later, still not perfect, but continuing to blog about my passion for beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

So I wanted to share with you a few lessons I have learnt over the year:

Be patient – followers don’t come overnight. It’s a slow process, so remember that.

Don’t be “in it to win it” – and by this I mean if you are blogging for the freebies then you are doing this for the wrong reason.

Be dedicated – I easily could have given up with my blog and thrown the towel in but it’s through sheer dedication and persistence that I am blogging to this day.

Have fun – remember this is a blog – have fun with it! Play with colours, experiment with posts, what’s the worse that can happen!

Get connected – join blogging communities on Facebook and Instagram, you will make so many friends!

Until next time..





  1. Congratulations. As a newbie to this whole thing your post gave me some much needed motivation! X

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