Month: June 2014

My interview with Tarlie from Tarlie’s Corner

Hi Guys,

Today on the blog I wanted to do a something a little different and do an interview for you guys on one oimage (13)f my favourite bloggers Tarlie, from Tarlies Corner. You might not know but Tarlie and myself are part of a little group of girls who formed the hashtag #instabeautyau on Instagram. Altogether there are 14 of us Aussie Bloggers and each week we do a shoutout to someone who uses our hashtag to support fellow Aussie Beauty Bloggers. Anyways, I wanted to start a series where I introduce you one at a time to all the Instabeautyau girls and first up we have Tarlie. Tarlie’s photos on her Instagram are nothing short of perfect and her blog is a must-subscribe due to its informative nature. She’s thorough and honest and I am 100% sure you will love her and her blog as much as I do.

So onto the interview..

image (8)

Why did you start your blog?

I started it through encouragement from family & friends. I’ve always love the beauty industry & finally I decided it was time to show others everything I had learnt along the way. It’s a fabulous journey & I am loving everyday that I get to experience it.


What beauty bloggers/YouTuber’s do you look to for inspiration?

I love Vivianna, her simple chic taste is immaculate. I also love Christeen Olley, Jaclyn Hill, KathleenLights, Mel Sedora, SMLxO, That’s Heart, Shannxo, Karissa, Lauren Curtis, Casey Holmes, Tanya Burr & ClothesEncounters & Chiutips.

There are honestly so many more but those are the select few that popped up on my YT watch list for today.

What are your favourite type of posts to write?

High End Products. I have a thing for their stunning packaging & the how most of the products are alwaysimage (9) what I’d expect from spending that type of money.

If I had to select one product I loved out of my beauty collection it would need to be my blush draw. I have a slight addiction to all those pinks & purples.

If you could only use three makeup face products for the rest of your life what would they be?

Makeup Wise, it would need to be blush, mascara & lipstick. The rest aren’t mandatory & can be gone without.


image (10)

What are your best tips for aspiring beauty bloggers?

Do your research & have fun with it. The best part of this is the journey you are on & the products you discover. Love what you do everyday & it will come back tenfold.

So there you have it! Please follow Tarlie’s blog here and her instagram at @tarliescorner if you haven’t already.

Until next time..



Products I regret buying

Hi Guys,

So today I want to do a different post and show you the products I regret buying. Now please note we all have different skin types and experiences with products so just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t. These are just my personal opinions on makeup misses I’ve had. So the products featured in this post is the Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Foundation, Napoleon Peridos China Doll Foundation, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, Face of Australia Foundation stick, Essence lip balm, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Revlon single eyeshadow in black galaxy.

 photo 3 (3)  Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age Defying Foundation – First of all I picked the wrong colour (which is my fault I know) but I didn’t like the texture of this product – it kind of felt like a moose foundation and was very thick on the skin. One of those ones when you touch your face it wipes off the foundation.

Napoleon China Doll Foundation – This product, in my opinion, is not worth the $60 you pay for it. There are much nicer and better quality products you can buy on the market with your money. Not to mention there is only a small amount of product in the tube. Definitely disappointed with this product, especially considering how much I love Napoleon.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara – Rimmmmmel why do you do this, you have such amazing hits in your product range and then you get misses like this one. It doesn’t add length, it doesn’t volumise, the brush is, to be blunt, pathetic. The only thing that makes this situation any better is the fact that I didn’t pay for this mascara and got it for free in one of those spend $40 and you get this free bag of goodies.

Face of Australia Foundation Stick – Despite the amazing coverage this stick provide it makes my face incredibly oily and like the Covergirl foundation, rubs off when I touch my face.

Essence lip balm – although this was only $2/3 it just doesn’t live up to paw paw lip balms and I would not waste my money on this again.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – This is nothing personal I have against this powder. It’s more a case of I am just a Australis F&F girl and I shouldn’t have expected another product to live up to its standard.

Revlon single eyeshadow in black galaxy – This is the first Revlon eyeshadow I have tried and I am not impressed. It was not pigmented, it was powderdy and I just wont be going there again. I had high expectations as it looked amazing in the pan it just didn’t play out that way in real life.

photo 2 (3)

So there you have it guys, my first “products I regret buying” post. I am sure there will be more to come as we all have hits and misses with makeup to stay tuned.

Do you agree with these products I regret purchasing? Or have you had good experiences with the products?

Until next time..




OOTD/MOTD Casual Friday Outfit

Hi Guys,

So today I wanted to do a full MOTD/OOTD for a casual work look you can wear on a Friday. At my work we have casual Fridays so this is what I pulled together today.

To start I primed my face with Benefits Porefessional, with this product I like to focus on my tzone where my pores are rather than an all over application. I then went in with the Covergirl 3in1 foundation in number 825 (review here) and applied that all over my face and proceeded to apply my favourite powder by Australis. I bronzed my cheeks with Benefit’s Hoola bronzer before hydrating my lips with Paw Paw lip balm (a winter essential) and then applying Revlon colourburst on my lips. I kept the eyes simple placing a champagne colour from Sportgirls ‘eye like it’ palette on the inner corner and first half of my lip and then applied a chocolate brown shade on my outer v. I applied two generous coats of mascara to my bottom and top lashes using Essence’s Best Lash Extreme Mascara before finishing off the look filling in my brows with Benefit’s Gimmebrow.


Onto the outfit, I paired my supre jeggings with a classic tee from ice and a bright red cardi from SES. To give the outfit a bit extra I also paired the outfit with a chain necklace from ice and cute shoes from tempt. I accessoried with my classic mimco bag and wore a super flattering coat by Forever New.




What did you think of the look I created?

Until next time..


RANT POST: Shipping to Australia!

Hi Guys,

Considering my last rant post was a success I feel it’s time for another. Anddd boy oh boy I know you guys will feel me on this issue! Shipping to Australia. Like da fuarkkk! Is it so hard to pack my shit in a box and send it to me for less than a zillion dollars?!?!?!!!

We’ve all done it, had our cart full of amazing products, ready to rock and roll and then pulled the plug  when we saw shipping was as much as the products in the cart!

And yes they do these postal service options where you send it to an American address and then they forward it on to you. But 1. It’s still expensive and 2. It’s too complex and 3. How hard is it to just send me my shit without the middleman! Like Sephora come on… surely you can arrange something with FedEx or Aus Post and just get it straight to meeee!!

Logistically speaking we are a long way away from the states but Australia seems to be one of the most on board countries in the world when it comes to makeup. I mean shouldn’t demand equal supply. Its simple logic. Where there is a demand for something give the people what they want. SHOW ME THE MAKEUP!!

So this is my rant to you Sephora and Ulta and and all the other amazing online stores that don’t ship to Australia!! Let demand equal supply already and give the people what they want!! SHOW ME THE MAKEUP!


Until next time..




My love-hate relationship with mascara

Hi Guys,

Today we are having a chat. About mascara, which is singlehandedly the most amazing and frustrating product I have EVER and will EVER use. In its defence, it makes my non-existent blonde eyelashes come to life. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes on the worst of days and doesn’t discriminate with a left hand application like nail polish. Without it I would look, well.. its better if I just show you..

It’s weird right. So you can appreciate why I find mascara such an essential product in my everyday life. It allows me to go from creepy alien girl so a somewhat normal looking human being.

But see my frustration stems from my love-hate relationship with the product. Let me explain, I have been using mascara since I was a twelvie and yet I am still unable to master the art of mascaration (applying mascara successfully, it’s a new word I made, go with it!). My issue is, is that despite having used mascara for over ten years now, I have not and believe I cannot prevent this..

Perfectly done eyes with mascara that’s gone and ruined it!!

Ahh this is a first world problem I know, but it had to be said.

Don’t even get me started on eyeliner..


Until next time..