RANT POST: Shipping to Australia!

Hi Guys,

Considering my last rant post was a success I feel it’s time for another. Anddd boy oh boy I know you guys will feel me on this issue! Shipping to Australia. Like da fuarkkk! Is it so hard to pack my shit in a box and send it to me for less than a zillion dollars?!?!?!!!

We’ve all done it, had our cart full of amazing products, ready to rock and roll and then pulled the plug  when we saw shipping was as much as the products in the cart!

And yes they do these postal service options where you send it to an American address and then they forward it on to you. But 1. It’s still expensive and 2. It’s too complex and 3. How hard is it to just send me my shit without the middleman! Like Sephora come on… surely you can arrange something with FedEx or Aus Post and just get it straight to meeee!!

Logistically speaking we are a long way away from the states but Australia seems to be one of the most on board countries in the world when it comes to makeup. I mean shouldn’t demand equal supply. Its simple logic. Where there is a demand for something give the people what they want. SHOW ME THE MAKEUP!!

So this is my rant to you Sephora and Ulta and Drugstore.com and all the other amazing online stores that don’t ship to Australia!! Let demand equal supply already and give the people what they want!! SHOW ME THE MAKEUP!


Until next time..






  1. So here is my issue… you purchase from an amazing company like iHerb and generally pay a flat rate of about $8.00 for courier express postage from America. However, any other companies from USA you purchase from you pay like $30 shipping and it still takes like a month to get here. Just goes to show that companies are able to send it to use for cheap, but choose to mark it riiiiiight up.

  2. Ugh, I feel this. I have like 5 sites of products filled carts but the shipping is ridiculous and I can’t bring myself to spend my money :(

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