Goldwell’s Blondes & Highlights 60 sec Treatment Review*

Hi Guys,

Today I will be reviewing Goldwell’s Blondes & Highlights 60 sec Treatment. I’m going to be honest with you, I have used the same shampoo and conditioner for around four years now. I had trialed and tested many products from more expensive brands to cheaper alternatives but with my blonde hair I found it hard to find a product that didn’t dry my hair and kill it. I have been using L’Oreal Elvives shampoo and conditioner for years now and after discovering how this product actually worked with my hair and didn’t make it straw-like and dry, I haven’t strayed since. So to trial Goldwell’s treatment  I was skeptical to begin with as I’m a big believer of “don’t fix something that’s not broken”. What a disservice I have done by disregarding other products. This product is a game changer. Ask my hairdresser, she tried to get me to trial other different shampoos and conditioners and I have never strayed but thank goodness I gave this a go as the results are phenomenal.

photo 3 (3)If I had to describe my hair type I would say it’s quite frizzy, quite a lot of fly aways and typically wavy. I just thought that was how my hair was and how it would always be but I’m wrong.
To my complete surprise this treatment has tamed my frizzyness dramatically which I didn’t expect it to do at all. It feels soft and healthy and I honestly feel like one of those hair models on the ads with how silky smooth it’s looking. Even my mum has noticed a dramatic change of the appearance of my hair. It’s now easier to work with, I usually put my hair in a bun to avoid a frizzy ponytail but lately I’ve been rocking a silky smooth pony and I love it!

photo 1 (4)I haven’t been using it as a treatment though. Where it says to use it after you have shampooed your hair and to leave it in for 60 seconds, I have been doing just that but I have totally hung up my old conditioner and this is now my go-to conditioner (where this isn’t the traditional way to use it, it works for me!). It has strengthened and repaired my hair as promised and I am so grateful for my new locks! It also accentuates my blonde highlights without drying out my hair like a lot of purple shampoos/treatments too.

photo 2 (4)It retails for $24.95 and being the bargain hunter I am, I struggle with hair care products around this mark so I would definitely look for it to go on sale but I mean for the results it’s definitely something I am willing to splurge on. You can pick it up from your local Price Attack or Hairhouse Warehouse. I love this treatment and I most definitely recommend this product.

So there you have it guys, my review of Goldwell’s 60 second treatment. Please don’t be like me, please leave your protected bubble and go and try out some new products. If they are a miss they are a miss but if you find a gem like this one I can promise you its all worth the while. Now I have left the safe zone I will definitely be trying more products from the Goldwell’s range and if their products are anything like their Blonde’s and Highlights treatment I will not be looking back.

Until next time..

*Please note this product was gifted to me by the Trish Nicol Agency.



  1. What!! You definitely need to try out new hair products girl!! I am willing to buy more expensive hair products because I love my hair so much haha. Generally cheaper ones are full of silicone & coat the hair instead of actually strengthening it from within. You need to try the macadamia deep repair mask! It’s my all time favourite :)

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