Benefit Hoola Review

Hi Guys,

Since my beloved NARS Laguna (review here) shattered when I dropped it I have had to hop out of my NARS safety bubble, put on a brave face and try a different bronzer until I gather the funds to repurchase Laguna. I’ve had Benefit’s Hoola since December last year but Laguna has been that good to me I never really looked for anything else. So as devastating as it is that I smashed my Laguna, it was definitely time to expand my horizons and give another bronzer a go.

IMG_8764 IMG_8762I had heard beauty guru’s rave about Benefit’s Hoola so it wasn’t a hard decision to add this to my collection and as with the rest of Benefit’s products, Hoola does not disappoint. It’s definitely a different share to Laguna. Where Laguna is more a darker brown, Hoola is a much lighter brown tone and if over applied could appear quite orange on the skin (so be aware of this). Unlike Laguna which is a very buildable bronzer, Hoola is quite pigmented so don’t get to excited and dunk your brush in, be cautious with it.


I love the ‘ita like’ brush Hoola comes with and only being $28 from the US website it is definitely worth the price for what you get. It retails for $51 at the Benefit counters in Australia so definitely worth trying to pick it up online if your wanting to save a few $$.


Bronzers are a hard one, they can turn tacky quickly so I believe it’s always worth paying the extra $$ and picking up a good high end bronzer. I’m all for drugstore dupes but I haven’t found good quality drugstore bronzer alternative so holla at me if you know a cheap bronzer similar to Benefit’s Hoola. I find most drugstore bronzers are too shimmery leave me glowing disco ball!


The only thing I’m not completely sold on is the packaging. I like the NARS packaging a lot more (both aesthetically and practically) the square box just doesn’t work for me. I can’t see how much product I’m picking up when I dump it into the square box.

Overall Benefits Hoola is a hit for me with a score of 4/5. It’s definitely in the same ball game as the NARS Laguna and is a cheaper alternative but NARS Laguna will always be my number one!

So they are my thoughts on Benefit’s Hoola. Do you own Hoola?




Until next time..




  1. I have Hoola & I like it but it is a little warm toned. Yeah I agree with you that most drugstore bronzer suck. There’s no point contouring with a bronzer that isn’t matte as it defeats the purpose of creating shadows.

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