Olay Skincare Review

Hi Guys,

Olay is that trusted skin care brand. Your Mum probably used it, your Nana and Grandma have probably used it too. When it comes to putting products on your face, you want to be using products you can trust. For me, it’s almost like I would be surprised to try something from Olay I didn’t like. Which leaves my expectations for their range rather high but never fear, my expectations are always met and often exceeded. The three products I am reviewing today are the Olay Total Effects Daily Serum, Complete UV Max Defence Lotion Sensitive SPF 30 and Total Effects Moisturiser Normal SPF 15. So lets jump straight into the review..


Total Effects Daily Serum* – Having never used a serum before I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. This product is great at softening my skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. The packaging offers good control and while it’s not amazingly pretty (of which you don’t expect) its practical. I put this serum on just before bed so not sure how it layers with makeup but it does layer nicely under my night time moisturiser. It applies well on the skin and leaves a beautiful pleasant scent behind. If you are after a resonantly cheap serum – this is your go to. You can pick yours up for $34.99 here  or at your local Priceline.


Complete UV Max Defence Lotion Sensitive SPF 30* – This product is brilliant. Its high SPF 30 means you are protected from damaging UV rays. It may just be me but being brought up at the beach, I was always smothered in sunscreen and as a result love the smell so it on my skin. So the soft smell on sunscreen in this product reminds me of ‘the good ol days’. Its also the first high SPF moisturiser  I have found which doesn’t clog more pores so well done Olay. I recommend this for everyday use and what’s better is its cheap too at only $15. You can pick yours up for $14.99 here or at your local Priceline.


Total Effects Moisturiser Normal SPF 15* – I think I am only my third or fourth bottle of this stuff. It’s amazing. I love it – it makes my skin feel hydrated and tight. It also has a really nice smell so I love lathering it on in the morning. It works well with makeup too which is really what we all want to hear! It just works and I will probably continue to use this day cream for the rest of my life. You can pick yours up for $29.99 here or at your local Priceline.


So there is my review of a few Olay products out there at the moment. Have you tried any of these and if so, thoughts?

Until next time..



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