Jennifer Hawkins JBronze Medium Tanning Mousse Review

Hi Guys,

So today I will be reviewing JBronze which is a tanning product released by the fabulous Jennifer Hawkins. I have limited experience with tans. Reason being I naturally have olive skin (well lets just say I used to, however since I started working in an office in 2011 that bronzed natural glow has vanished). Anywho, I’m just not into tanning. I’ve never been for a professional spray tan only tanning myself for special occasions which would be a max five times in my life thus far. So I am definitely a newbie when it comes to tanning.

IMG_2685Why you ask? I HATTTTTE THE SMELL! It actually makes me feel physically ill.

**Insert amazing new discovery here**

So here is the product that changed my view of fake tan and probably the biggest selling point to people like me that hate the smell! This amazing product by Australia’s very own Miss Universe legit smells like yummy coconut goodness. ZOMG!


Being the newbie I am, I want something easy to apply which doesn’t require any fuss. JBronze foaming mouse is just that. Its soooo easy to use. You just dispense a pump onto your hand and smooth over your body, let it dry and voila.. tanned goddess!


Lets be real. We’ve all seen it.. an oompa loompa walking around – which brings me to my third fear with the whole tanning process – that orange tacky mess. Again another reason why I love this tanning mouse. You don’t get that, you get a beautiful brown tanned glow instead. And as the name of the product suggests, you will be nice and bronzed (JBronzed). And when you think about it who doesnt want beautiful skin like Jennifer!


This product has restored my faith in tanning products. All my common fears and misconceptions about tanning products were proved wrong with JBronze and I look forward to trying more from the range ASAP.

You can pick yours up for $34.99 at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse currently has it on sale for $27.69 here.

Until next time..



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