Benefit and Priceline 40% Off Haul

Hi Guys,

So being my 21st birthday month you could say I went a little crazy with spending. Which is why today I bring you…. Another haul post!

Now, in my defence, both of these hauls are justifiably okay because 1. I am 21 and I can do what I want,  2. They were practically half price (40% off sale of cosmetics at Priceline and I ordered my benefit goodies from the states so they cost basically half of what I could have had to paid if I had bought them in Australia and 3. I neeeeeeeeded (want) them!! So there you have it – all justifiable purchases. To make it even better I bought the Priceline goodies with my quarterly loyalty voucher and a gift voucher I had gotten for Priceline (yes, she knows me well!)

So what did I buy do you ask? Why here, why don’t I just show you!


IMG_2560  IMG_2558


   IMG_2579      IMG_2570    IMG_2565

Did you pick up anything at the Priceline sale?

Until next time..



One comment

  1. Seriously lady your photos look so amazing! Do you use your camera on auto or manual focus?! I need to start using my DSLR more! :) great haul too! ♡

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