Hi Guys,

Today its time for another empties post. Woo! These are typically my favourite types of posts as I love seeing what other people have completely used up, be it good or bad.

image (9)

Olay Fresh Effects – this cleanser is fresh just like the name suggests. Its the perfect everyday scrub and does a fantastic job at at removing the everyday dirt that builds up on your face. Highly recommend this scrub and after finishing the cleanser I am using I will possibly repurchase these items.

Goldwell’s Blondes and Highlights 60 seconds treatment – this stuff is great, you can see my full review of it here. Its the perfect treatment if your hair has been feeling dry and brittle and gives the end of your hair a little umph and nourishing. I highly recommend this product.

Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Body Polish – this scrub is fantastic. It reminds me of rubbing sand into your skin at the beach. It smells great and is the perfect exfoliator. Will definitely repurchase this item although I havn’t been able to find it at Priceline, may have to go online.

image (8)

Chi Chi Primer – this silicone based primer is smooth and works wonders for keeping my face matte. Unfortunately Chi Chi dont sell this anymore but thats okay cause Benefits POREfessional is my new favourite anyways.

Nail Kiss – this is one of those things where you dip your finger in and it wipes the nail polish off. Except it wasn’t $10 like they are in Australia, it was $1 from Japan. Although I cannot repurchase I will be looking at Daiso for something similar.

POREfessional – this primer has lasted forever and a day. You can see by the scruffy packaging. I dont have enlarged pores so I use this primer to more keep my skin matte. I have already repurchased and probably will continue to do so.

image (7)So there you have it. My latest product empties.

What are your empties?

Until next time..



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