Month: February 2015

MAC Lipstick Swatches – Saint Germain, Pink Pearl Pop, Candy Yum Yum and Snob

Hi Guys,

So I’m back! And today I am bringing you a MAC lipswatch post. I swatched these lipsticks a while back but between my sisters wedding, Europe and New Zealand I have been one busy body. But never fear, cause the lipswatch post is here!

IMG_2721 IMG_2724 IMG_2738

MAC Saint Germain


MAC Snob


MAC Pink Pearl Pop


MAC Candy Yum Yum

So there are my MAC lipswatches – keep an eye out as I may turn this into a series. I have a number of MAC lipsticks now and I could do a few more swatches for you guys if you’d like that. Anyways let me know in the comments below if that’s something you would like me to do and I will.

Until next time..