NYX Black Label Review

Hi Guys,

So today I wanted to show a few swatches and mini review of one of my favourite lipstick brands – NYX. I own four shades from the black label lipstick collection – India, Cancun Pink, Nude and Citrine. The lipsticks are not only super pigmented they are super creamy and glide on perfectly.


These affordable lipsticks retail for $13 on an Australian online cosmetic store or I picked mine up from Beauty Joint for $5. There colour range is extensive and the quality you get for a fraction of the price you would pay for a high end lipstick is incredible. NYX continues to make amazing affordable drug store products and sometimes us beauty bloggers get caught up in the hype that surrounds high end products and forget their old and trusty basics. Well no more, back to using good quality cheap alternatives.


The only thing that concerns me is their lasting power – they are super creamy which makes them susceptible to sliding around the lips and gliding off easier than say the amplified formula by MAC. However, if you are after getting the bang for your buck then NYX black label are definitely the way to go. They also smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Overall, these lipsticks are incredible and I highly recommend them.

Until next time..




  1. You can never go wrong with 5 bucks lipstick. If its just an average quality, atleast you won’t feel the pinch, hey ;)

    I like the simplicity of your post xx

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