Benefit Roller Lash Review

Hi Guys,

So recently I was lucky enough to go to a Brisbane blogging event in Brisbane called Obsession where Benefit came along and did their first Australian launch demonstration of their new hit product called the Roller Lash. I was extremely honoured to be apart of something like this and the passion the benefit ladies has just blows me away. Anyways, so I just had to review this mascara for you before it launches in Australian stores on April 11.

You know how some of us have to use a lash curler before applying our mascara? Well no more! This mascara boasts of giving a curled lash effect and my results below are a true testament this mascara does just that. The “Hook ‘n Roll” brush grabs the lashes, separates them and adds lift and curl. I also love the curve setting formula as I find that the sticky formula really does help the mascara to set in place once it has been curled. The only risk that the sticky mascara formula runs is it may possibly become quite clumpy if you overdo it on the lashes too much so be careful not to layer too much – not that you need to anyways.


You know those tiny little lashes right on the inner corner of our eye which are a nightmare to grab? Well this mascara is those little tiny hairs best friend. This mascara wand is a lot smaller than their previous mascara brushes which gives it the ability to get right in there in and coat those bad boys in this glorious formula.


You know how your mascara often rolls off your benchtop? Well Benefits Roller Lash stops this altogether as the rubber end of the packing ensures that baby wont budge from the benchtop. Did I mention how adorably cute the package is also? Love it, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love super cute packaging.

You know how mascara can sometimes get clumpy when there’s too much formula on the brush? Well the Benefit Roller Lash combats that product overload issue with the built in wand wiper which evenly distributes the perfect amount of product on the mascara wand.


So should the Benefit Roller Lash be next on your wish list? Yes, yes and yes! Not only does this mascara curl those lashes, it also lengthens, separates and adds volume. I love the sticky formula as I find it holds the lashes in place which is also perfect as there is no flaking or smudging. I tried They’re Real and Roller Lash together and they are a match made in heaven and provide the perfect lash. Benefit is an innovative successful company and I absolutely love their new invention – the Roller Lash.

This product launches in Australia on April 11 so make sure to be there to grab yours, love it!


Until next time..



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