BOE Beauty Lipstick Review and Swatches

Hi Guys,

So BOE Beauty primarily started as a budget line of cosmetics sold at Big W with all products retailing for $2. Since then they have expanded and developed a BOE Professional range with foundations, BB creams, eyeshadow palettes, creamy lipsticks and more..

Today however, I am reviewing and swatching some of the lipsticks that are in the $2 BOE Beauty range and boy are they good bang for your buck.


(Top left to bottom right: PAIGE, V.I.P, Shocking Matte Pink, Primped matte lipstick)

I’m not going to lie, I held pretty low expectations for these lipsticks. I mean how good can a lipstick that’s $2 be? Uhmmm amazing apparently! I am so blown away by these lipsticks. These lipsticks are creamy and pack a punch in terms of pigmentation. They apply extremely well and have great staying power. The colours pack a certain wow-factor and are the perfect weekend/night on the town shades. I couldn’t believe how similar the shade V.I.P is to MAC’s Saint Germain.

image4 image2 image6 image5

I also like to dap a bit of the melon pigment by MAC on top of the shade Primped Matte for a bit more dimension (see below for picks).


Overall, these lipsticks are amazing value for money. Whilst their packaging isn’t fancy, for a $2 budget lipstick it’s impossible to find a fault with these babies. If you haven’t picked one up already you need to and can find these at your local Big W.

Expect to see more reviews of BOE Beauty products, so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time..




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