Quick Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hi Guys,

So today I am bringing you my last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. If you are like me, and always leave everything to the last minute these are all things you should be able to pick up at your local Westfield.


Firstly, lets talk makeup! I have a few recommendations in this area, the Crème Puffed Pressed Powder by MaxFactor. I find that this is such an essential for every Mum. My Mum doesn’t wear makeup on a day to day basis but if shes going out for an occasion she does chuck on some powder so this is so perject for that. It also has, I feel bad saying this, but kind of a typical older lady scent! Which I like, but that’s just what it reminds me of. Also for makeup, I would include a lipgloss – this one is quite neutral but you could pick up something more colourful if you like. To finish off everything that you could pick up at Priceline or Big W/Kmart is the Sally Hansen nail polish.


Next stop is Myer/David Jones and here you can pick up a beautiful perfume for your Mum. My scent choice is Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. Also, while your there grab yourself a candle. Mum’s loveeee smelly things, candles especially. The one I recommend (which I absolutely adore) is Peppermint Grove’s Oceania candle. Whilst this specific candle cannot be purchased at Myer/David Jones, it is definitely worth checking out their stockist and picking one up in a store that close to you. I have an absolute love affair with this candle and will have a review up of this candle and Peppermint Grove candles soon with a quirky idea which I think you may love so keep your eyes peeled.


Last stop at the shops is a trip to Target where you can pick up some gorgeous Mother’s day merch. I picked up the classic mug with a “Beautiful Mum” quote idea. Also, I picked up some “Home is where Mum is” tea towels. Cheesy, But I’m all about that.



These presents range from $5 to $150 so there is something that can fit in anyone’s budget!

Hope this helps some of y’all.

Until next time..


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