Month: June 2015

Fudge Hair Products Review

Hi Guys,

So today I am shining the spotlight on one of my favourite haircare brands, actually scratch that, my FAVOURITE haircare brand: Fudge. Fudge was created so people like you and me can ‘express ourselves’ and I have been using fudge hair products to create crazy colourful looks for years. My hairdresser stocks Fudge and it’s how I get my quirky hair fix when I want a pop of colour through my ends.  (more…)


My Everyday-Work Makeup Routine

Hi Guys,

So today I am bring you my everyday-work makeup routine. I know I love reading these posts or watching these types of videos so I thought I would show you my everyday makeup routine.


Now, I’m not one who likes to wear much makeup to work, for years I never used to wear any makeup other than mascara to work. But now my routine has updated and I like to go for a minimal makeup look when working. So lets get straight into how I created this look… (more…)

Rimmel BB Cream Radiance and Lasting Finish 25HR Powder Review

Hi Guys,

So another day, another review! And today I am reviewing two new releases from Rimmel – the BB Cream Radiance and Lasting Finish 25HR Powder.


Firstly, I wanted to talk about their Radiance BB cream. BB cream’s have always been a bit of hit and miss for me and I am sure I am not alone in that statement. They are hard to find the perfect fit but I think I have finally found mine. Its spot on! Perfect colour, perfect coverage and sits so beautifully on my skin looking radiant and fresh. This product is available in three shades (very light, light and medium). I picked up Light and it’s the perfect fit for my skin. Rimmel definitely does a great job in catering for us pale white girls haha! (more…)