Fudge Hair Products Review

Hi Guys,

So today I am shining the spotlight on one of my favourite haircare brands, actually scratch that, my FAVOURITE haircare brand: Fudge. Fudge was created so people like you and me can ‘express ourselves’ and I have been using fudge hair products to create crazy colourful looks for years. My hairdresser stocks Fudge and it’s how I get my quirky hair fix when I want a pop of colour through my ends. 


I have tried their Fudge Paintbox in electric blue, pink moon, cherry bomb, blue velvet, red corvette and pretty flamingo. The best part about the hair dyes is that they are very easily accessible with the Fudge Hair range stocked at your local Priceline. Meaning gool ol Brit can go colour crazy (and I have done oh so many times!). I take any opportunity I can to add a bit of colour to the old blonde hair to mix it up. I am extremely fortunate to have blonde hair so the dye sticks well but I also have seen amazing results in girls with darker hair.

I found the colours are extremely vibrant and pigmented depending on how long you leave the dye in the hair. I found unless you are reapplying the colour frequently the colour will fade out quite quickly and evenly (depending on how frequently you wash your hair) but this is perfect as they are great for a two week break from school or over the Uni holidays for instance. Also, even someone who has no hair dressing experience can apply these in their hair quite easily. Just, pro tip, use gloves, as I have come off before with bright pink hands! Overall, these hair dyes are such a hit with me, I own at least five and will continue to purchase and be a loyal fan of Fudge Paintbox.


(My current Fudge Paintbox Collection)

Onto another favourite from the Fudge hair range and that is their Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo and matching Conditioner. This stuff is liquid gold I swear! It’s fantastic and what I credit to giving me such ashy blonde hair. People always ask me, “how did you get your hair so blonde” and I always recommend the toning shampoo! The shampoo and conditioner work well together to eliminate brassy-yellow tones in the hair. I leave the shampoo in for 10-15 minutes if I am going for a really ashy blonde look. Otherwise, if I am only wanting a look without yellow tones I use it every wash and leave it in for a minute or two. It really can take your hair from something that seems pretty bland and lifeless to a whole new look. People will often say (even when I am due to get my hair done) “Did you just get your hair done?” and its always a no and its always because of this shampoo. Cannot say enough good things about it, you may have also seen it in my monthly favourites either on the blog or on YouTube.


Overall, I highly recommend Fudge hair products and would suggest them to anyone of my friends. I have been using then for years and I wouldn’t use anything else. They are affordable but most of all produce amazing salon quality products.

Have you tried any fudge products?

Check out their range at Priceline here.

Until next time..




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