Empties #5

Hi Guys,

So back for another empties posts. If you have followed my blog for a while now you would know that these posts are not only my favourite to write but my favourite to read. This is because I love knowing what people have gotten the whole way through and their opinion on whether they would repurchase the product or not so here goes..

empties post 3

empties post 4

Rub Rub Rub by Lush – I received this as a gift from a few friends for my 21st and I loved it. I had never tried any of their shower products before and fell in love with this. Basically it’s a bright blue body scrub which smells of the sea. Would I repurchase? Probably not for now as I have a few other body scrubs I need to finish off but later down the track, yes.

Imperial Leather Shower Gel in the scent Pomegranate and Wild Rose – OMG if I could transfer the scent of this baby you would all be as in love with this product as I am. My cousin introduced me to this baby and I am already through my second bottle I love it that much. Would I repurchase? Ummm yes but unfortunately I have struggled to find it at Coles. But if I find it again I definitely will be repurchasing.

L’Oréal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Shampoo – I have gone through 20+ bottles of this stuff. This stuff is my holy grail shampoo and I absolutely love it. I struggled for ages to find a shampoo and conditioner set that suits my oily roots but dry end hair. And whats even better? Its super affordable! Would you repurchase? YES! I already have two backups in my drawer!

Night Cream by People for Plants* – I was absolutely devastated when I ran out of this product. I literally ripped off the lid and was scrapping the edges to get all the last bit of product out. Its an organic night cream and is perfect on my sensitive skin nourishing and moisturising it. Would I repurchase? When I save up a bit of money I will definitely be repurchasing. Kind of crossing my fingers waiting for a sale at Priceline.

empties post 1

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder – What would an empties post be without one of these! I go through these like it’s no tomorrow but it’s my holy grail powder! Would I repurchase? I have a stock up of these in my drawers but when that runs out, yes!

Lolli Balm by Benefit – Benefit released these beautiful lip balms a while back now and I absolutely love them. They are so nourishing for the lips but also give a little colour payoff kind of looking like a lip gloss. The only bad thing about this product is I absolutely flew through it. Felt like it didn’t have a lot of product in the tube or maybe I just used it too much! Would I repurchase? Yes, I already repurchased this in my recent trip to the states.

Minx 2.0 Lashes by Social Eyes – I had to do it. I had heard so much about these lashes so I had to bite the bullet and pick some up and this order would not be complete without the most raved about style – Minx 2.0. Boy did these lashes live up to their praise. Whilst I agree that these lashes are harder to apply then your standard set of fake lashes it is worth all the fuss as the payoff is amazing. Would I repurchase? I am yet to but yes I will be.

Roller Lash by Benefit* – I kindly received this product from Benefit when they came to a blogging event I attended and launched the Roller Lash back in March this year. From the first time using it I fell in love with this mascara – it lengthened, separated and lifted the lashes to give a false lash effect. Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have in my recent trip to the states, looooove it!

So there you have it guys, another empties post. Be sure to tag me or send the links below on any of your empties posts you have on your blogs as I absolutely love reading them.

Until next time..


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  1. the night cream sounds good. The Loreal shampoo sounds like it is meant for exactly my hair type. I will definitely pick it up when I am done with my current back up of shampoos. Loreal Elvive has some great affordable hair stuff !

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