Hydration Station: The best products to keep your skin hydrated this Winter

Hi Guys,

Hydration Station. Lets do this! So today’s post I want to share with you some of my top tips to keeping your skin hydrated this dry winter season. I personally use these products almost daily and can attest that these products are the reason why my skin isn’t super dry and scaly this winter, rather soft and smooth!

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First up. Lets talk about face products. I recently got a sample of the Origins drink up intensive face mask and OMG it is life. It’s so hydrating on the skin and is a perfect weekly or every couple of days face mask to ensure your skin is hydrated and plump this winter season. I have literally been to three Mecca’s to get my hands on this baby and it is sold out everywhere. So if you can find this be sure to buy it, its liquid gold!

A face oil is something I’ve only incorporated into my skincare regime a year ago so I am quite new to having this type of product in my routine. The whole idea of putting an oil on my face sounded quite absurd to begin with considering I have oily skin but now I realise the benefits and wouldn’t be without my People for Plants Face Oil* especially over this dry winter season.

The Goodness Every Evening Cream* is a new product in my skincare regime as if you have seen my empties post you would have seen my last night cream just recently ran out. But boy do I love this new night cream. It is exactly what I want in a night cream – hydration, hydration, hydration and that is exactly what this night cream gives me. Did I mention it retails for only $17 at Chemist Warehouse! What an absolute bargain for a 60ml night cream. Be sure to get your hands on a sample or pick it up as its prime and everything you need to keep your skin hydrated this dry winter season.

Another face product this oily skin girl thought she would never frequently use is MAC’s Fix +. It’s super hydrating and refreshing on the skin and I just like to apply this after I have applied my makeup to keep the look fresh. Just because the weather is dry doesn’t mean your makeup has to be, spritz that Fix+ and look forward to glowing/radiant skin.

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Surely I’m not the only one whose hair also suffers over the colder months and that is why I love ShowPony’s Argan Oil. I like to run this through the ends of my hair after I have washed it and find it hydrates my dry ends and adds a beautiful shine whilst smelling divine.

I have a few hand creams on the go this winter but I am currently obsessed with Natural Secrets Goatsmilk Moisturising Hand Cream*. It is so beautifully soft on the skin and relieves my dry/chapped hands. I often get severe chapping around my knuckles so the formula which contains milk and vitamin E really helps soothe the skin.

Only a while ago I thought Bio-Oil was only for stretch marks. WRONG! This product is actually amazing for restoring dehydrated dry skin. Over the winter months my shins, elbows and hips get particularly dry so I like to apply this once to twice a week to keep these spots nice and hydrated.

Last but not least is my daily moisturiser and that is the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore. My mum introduced this product to my daily routine. She has been using this product daily for years and years and now I am on the Vaseline bandwagon using this product religiously to soothe my dry legs and arms.

hydration station xxbrittersblog 2

So there you have it all the products at my hydration station keeping my skin soft and silky this dry winter season. What have you been using this winter to keep your skin hydrated?

Until next time..

hydration station xxbrittersblog



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