My Molton Brown Collection

Hi Guys,

Today I want to show you my Molton Brown collection. Molton Brown was formed in London back in 1973 and specialises in bath, body and beauty. The company prides itself on using exotic ingredients and a touch of London’s eccentricity to create stand out products.


I was recently introduced to Molton Brown and am in love with and want to own all of their products but today will show you and review the ones I own. I own the Molton Brown gingerlily nourishing body lotion, shower gel and the infusing eucalyptus stimulating body polisher.


Molton Brown Gingerlily Nourishing Body Lotion ($45 for 300ml)

I love to use this after I have popped out of the shower where I used either the shower gel or the body polisher. Unlike a plain moisturiser, this body lotion adds a touch of luxury with its beautiful notes of warming ginger oil, tuberose and spicy cedarwood. I don’t use this every night, rather saving it for special occasions where I am going out and want to wear a moisturiser that smells nice.


Molton Brown Gingerlily Shower Gel ($39 for 300ml)

I’m not a soap fan, I’m a shower gel only type of gal so I absolutely love this product. Unlike many shower gels which have typical fruity or vanilla scents, the gingerlily shower gel oozes absolutely luxury and smells more like a high class perfume. The shower gel is also enriched with Polynesian tamanu nut oil and moisturising white lily extract making it apply like a dream and feel beautiful on the skin.


Molton Brown Infusing Eucalyptus Stimulating Body Polisher ($70 for 275g)

One of my favourite scents in the world is eucalyptus – its fresh, clears the nose and is soothing on the skin. Which is why it makes the perfect scent for a rejuvenating body scrub. I use this every couple of days to exfoliate the dead skin which is particularly important in winter when my skin is dry and flakey. The exfoliator leaves my skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated with its infusing aromas.



There you have it, my Molton Brown collection. I hope you enjoyed my mini review and be sure to head to their website to check out their amazing products.

Until next time..


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