Real-U Australia Review

Hi Guys,

So I wanted to review a product I have been using for a number of weeks now and just have to share with you. You know those products that you haven’t heard much about so you don’t have any idea how they will go?! This was one of those.

Real-U Australia

The company is Real-U Australia and they’ve brought, IMO, a range of no BS products that aren’t gimmicky and truly work. Sometimes we all get caught up in the brand name/popular products and just assume they are the only ones to work because of the big brand name they sit comfortably behind. When I’ve personally found it’s the smaller companies that really produce the best products.

I’m all about using gentle skincare products for my everyday skincare routine and Real-U provides exactly that – skincare that doesn’t burn and is gentle on the skin. My favourite product in their range is the cleanser as I’ve found it ridiculously hard to find a gentle cleanser that is not only kind on my sensitive skin but also washes away the days impurities. I would liken their cleanser to the Michael Todd Honey and Oat Cleanser Shaaanxo used to rave out. Who would think such a smooth/jelly liquid could get rid of all that makeup!

Real-U Australia cleanser realu

The formula targets oily/acne prone skin which is exactly my skin type, making this the perfect product range for me. I’ve noticed my pores have significantly reduced and the overall appearance of my skin is glowy and hydrated. The gel like consistency foams up and massages well into the skin removing makeup – even my black winged liner! The packaging is simple and practical with the tube formula meaning you’ll be able to squeeze out every last drop of this liquid gold.

What’s even better about this product is that the 100ml cleanser only retails for $15 with all products in their range being under $50. For skin care products that are no fuss and produce great results they really are a bargain. I hope to try more of their range with my eye on the serum and spot treatment as I have heard it works wonders.

So that’s my review on these amazing Australian skincare products. Have you heard of this range before?

Real-U Australia Review

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