The Beginners Series – YouTube

Hi Guys,

OMG its 2016! Wow time flies! I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas/New Years break! So recently, I was at a NYE party and a few friends commented on my makeup and how nice it was and I was telling them I how literally learnt all I know from YouTube and they couldn’t believe me that it was just YouTube. It was – YouTube plus hours and hours of practice and playing around with makeup in my spare time.

So I wanted to create a series where I share my tips and tricks for beginners wanting to get more into makeup. In the first post of the series I will show you exactly where I started when I decided I wanted to get more into makeup and that’s YouTube. So here are some of the YouTube videos that helped me when I first started out.

Firstly, I watched a tonne of beginner videos and boy you have lots to pick from. Type In “Beginner Makeup Tutorials” on YouTube and welcome to endless hours of entertainment! Below I have put in a view of my favourites


The more and more I watched YouTube videos the more I learnt that the end product is helped a lot by what tools you use. So I watched a lot of beginner brush kits on YouTube and noticed a tremendous difference in my makeup application once I incorporated good brushes into my routine.

Also, eBay has AMAZING brushes for very cheap compared to brushes even at Priceline. I have linked some below that I highly recommend if you are wanting to get more into makeup.

Another thing I loved looking at on YouTube were makeup tutorials for blue eyes. As I have blue eyes I was interested to see what exactly would complement my eye colour and these videos helped me figure out just that.

I can’t even tell you how many times I glued my eyes shut when trying to apply false lashes. Nethertheless I persisted and found an amazing video that really helped me to learn how to apply false lashes. The biggest thing I took away from this, and where I was clearly going wrong in the past, was to make sure you let lash glue get super dry and tacky. It helps it stick whereas if the glue is too wet the lash will tend to slide around and not stick.

Next in the series will be my ideas for a beginners makeup kit. Hope you enjoyed this post and can tune in next time.

Until next time..





  1. You can learn so much from YouTube these days! I am completely self-taught as well and I think practice is definitely the biggest thing that helps you improve your skills. You can put on your lashes like a pro! I still struggle with mine every now and then but I’m getting better. Great post pretty.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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