FOTD and my new toy

Hi Guys,

So today is Sunday and normally I won’t bother to post on the weekend but I’m feeling awesome and want to share with you some good news. Today I picked up a new camera. A Canon 700D. I was thinking about getting a new camera for a while now but today I bit the bullet and bought it. I was previously using my Nikon 90D for photos on my blog or my iphone but I want to use my Canon now so I can give you better quality shots which will hopefully portray more accurate images in terms of colour and quality of products so yay :)

I snapped a few pics and I can already tell the quality of this baby is amazing! So here’s my FOTD. Have a splendid weekend beauties


Until next time..

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Hi Guys,

So I just wanted you share with you my social media accounts so you can go and follow them :) I will be doing a giveaway soon and you must be subscribed to my social media accounts to participate so please go follow me :)

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I’ll leave you with this funny meme for Monday. Gosh I hate Mondays :(


My current skincare routine

Hi Guys,

So today I am sharing with you my current skincare routine.
When it comes to skincare I generally don’t stray from my beloved products cause when something’s not broke why fix it right? So I have been using these products for at least a year now, and when I’m completely honest that’s how far back it was I decided to take care of my skin which is actually kinda bad but I’m into skincare now so I hopefully haven’t done too much damage to my skin before that! (Eep) I’ve never really had bad skin which is why I never used to do more than use a very basic cleanser in the morning and night. I now use a range of products to really look after my skin so here goes…


For an everyday cleanser I like to use Biore’s Pore Unclogging Scrub.I love a cleanser that has scrubbing beads in it as I love the feeling of the beads really getting under my skin and giving it a good clean so this is perfect for me. It’s not harsh so it’s the perfect everyday cleanser.


For when I’ve come back from a night out I like to use Michael Todd’s Honey and Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser as I find this is the perfect cleanser for removing heavy makeup. This gem never fails to get rid of the darkest circles of run down mascara under my eyes. It’s such a gentle cleanser as well so it feels beautiful on the skin.

For what I can’t 100% get removed with my Michael Todd’s cleanser I like to use Lancôme’s Non Oily Instant Cleanser for sentiment eyes. I simply put a bit of this on a cotton bud and wipe under the eyes. It instantly gets any darkness left under the eyes and leaves me feeling instantly fresher!

Lastly, the only moisturizer I have found that doesn’t break me out and leave me oily is Olay’s Day Cream. This moisturizer is a god sent and I probably will never change. It just works, it’s as simple as that!

What products do you use in your skincare routine?