cottton tip

Beauty products that fly under the radar: Our hidden treasures

Hi Guys,

So we often give credit to brushes as the greatest beauty tools you can own but what about those ones we use constantly that just happen to fly under the radar?! Why I’m talking about those simple yet effective beauty tools such as cotton tips, lash curlers and tweezers. Now without these I would have nothing to aid me get rid of the dark bags under my eyes from mascara smudging, limp lashes and John Howard eye brows (Australian joke) But seriously let’s just take a moment to appreciate how awesome these tools are!

Cotton tips: I mostly use these to wipe off unwanted makeup when I make a mistake (which may I add quite frequently happens) I also use these when I apply falsies.


Lash Curler: Now I wouldn’t say I use this everyday but if I want that extra umph in the lash department this is my go-to.


Tweezers: Do I even need to explain to you where we would be without this magical tool! I like to keep to my natural brow shape so this just helps me pick up the stragglers growling wildly out of control.


What are your hidden treasure beauty tools? These are defiantly the top three for me!