MOTD/FOTD Pink and white smokey eye look

Hi Guys,

So its Monday morning so I thought I would share with you my MOTD/FOTD. I don’t usually wear makeup to work but I have started to wear makeup more recently cause I have so much makeup I need to use up before! So today I created a white/silver and pink smokey eye look with a corally/pink lip.

I used the Chi Chi nudes palette and the Napoleon Jet Set Palette for the eye shadow adding in eyeliner and mascara to complete the eyes. For the face I used my favourite BB cream by Lioele (link directs you to my review), MAC’s prolongwear concealer in NW20 and Australis fresh and flawless powder. To contour I used NARS Laguna (link directs you to my review) and for the lips I used a combination of Maybelline’s colour whisper sensation in Oh La Lilac and Sportsgirl’s lipstick in Fruit Tingle



I love the softness of this look, what are your thoughts on this look?

Until next time..


Playing with makeup

Surely I am not the only one who just plays with their makeup. Starts with good intentions, messes something up and thinks what the hec may as well go the full hog and just ruin this. Well that’s basically what I did..

ImageImageImageWhat is the cause of your makeup stuff up? Mine is definitely the eyeliner!!


OOTD#1 Casual Friday

I wanted to try something new and do an Outfit Of The Day post. So bare with me if this seems a bit dodgy as it is my first attempt :) So todays outfit is what I am wearing to work for casual Friday. So usually everyone wear jeans and a nice top – so this is the look I created.

Today I am wearing:

–      blue jeggings (for those who don’t know this is a mix between jeans and legging and OMG they are so comfy – $35AUD http://www.supre.com.au/DENIM-STRETCH-ANKLE-JEGGINGS.aspx?p84667)

–      a white Ralph Lauren polo I bought while I was in china ($9AUD)

–      a black and white striped sweater ($10AUD http://www.sesfashion.com.au/)

–      and my beloved patent turnlock zip top mimco bag ($499AUD http://www.mimco.com.au/patent-turnlock-zip-top)


The make-up I decided to do is very simple and I used the products below to create this casual Friday look.

Image Image

Talk soon lovelies :)



Time and time again I see girls break key makeup don’t rules so in this post I just wanted to point a few of these out.


Firstly, wearing foundation that is too dark. Yes we all want to be the dark natural tan shade but in reality we are most likely light porcelain! If you don’t know what shade you are, ask someone when you go to buy foundation. Avoid the dodgy makeup neck line and match your foundation to your skin puhhleeeeeeeease.

Secondly, adding too much blush and bronzer. Honey, we got it three layers ago, no need to keep piling it on. And while on that topic, don’t contour too much. Sometimes less is more.

Thirdly, wearing ridiculous eye shadow colours. Once again, less is more. Keep it simple. If you don’t know how to apply eye shadow correctly its best not to apply it at all.

Fourthly, lipstick. Surely it’s not just me who knows if you do big smoky eyes you keep a simple lip and if you want bold lips keep the eyes simple. Like common ladies, common sense! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. And while on topic, don’t overdraw your lips. It looks tacky.

Fifthly, EYEBROWS! We all know strong eyebrows are all the rave right now. But need I just remind you there is a fine line between nice structured eyebrows and HOLY CRAP YOU CLOWN! And boy do I know a few clowns haha.

Anyways they are my makeup donts. There are many more I could add but I shall save those for a rainy day.




Beauty Storage Unit – affordable and amazing!!!

So lets talk storage! Just yesterday I found the most perfect makeup storage unit for myself. Its from Typo and here is the link http://shop.cottonon.com/shop/product/4-drawer-paper-planes-craft/

This unit is gorgeous, it comprises of four pull out drawers perfect to fit all your everyday makeup essentials in. Mine came in a amazing tiffany blue colour but I believe it also comes in a brown. Not only was this piece affordable ($11) its practical. It sits in my bathroom and stores my makeup perfectly. This isn’t call my collection but is a good chunk of it. Just quickly running you through whats where. In the top drawer I have my powders, blushes and bronzes.


Next one down is all my mascaras, brow tools, eyeliners etc,


Next is my concealers, primers, one napoleon foundation and my beauty blender.


The final draw is my liquid foundation, my kabuki brush and eyelash curler.


So there it is, visit the site below and get your hands on one of these storage units. They are amazing, I promise you wont regret it!