OOTD & FOTD – Casual Friday Look

Hi Guys,

It’s casual Friday at my work today so I just wanted to share with you my OOTD & FOTD

I’m wearing:

– Flats from Rubi Shoes 

– Jeggings

– Singlet and a chiffon top from Forever New

– Necklace from Collette

– Handbag from Mimco


For makeup I did gold eyeshadow and nude lips :)




Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share quickly with you my OOTN & FOTN :) I picked up this amazing dress from Lucy in the Sky! It’s an online clothing boutique that ships internationally so go check them out :) I paired this outfit with MAC saint germain lipstick as it compliments the pastels in the dress. For eyes I kept them simple as I wanted the lips to be the standout!



What are your thoughts on this outfit?

Also I just created and Instagram for my blog so please go and check me out! Username: Xxbrittersblog



OOTD: Racerback Work Wear

Hi Guys,

I picked up this shirt the other day and although its not something I would normally wear to work I thought what the heck! This is how I styled it. Also as I don’t wear much makeup to work I just decided to wear some mascara and my favourite Laguna Bronzer to give me some definition :)



Fashion picks courtesy of “We Heart It”

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to tell you about an amazing app called “We Heart It”! It has the most awesome pics, and tye best part you can save them all! So be sure to check it out but here are some of my favorite style picks I found on the app :)
Note: none of these pics are mine











NARS Laguna Bronzer Review

As usual, I’m late to the party (my bad). It was my birthday the other day and as usual I wanted to pick up some makeup. This time however, I splashed out and went for a high end product (after all it was my birthday!), so I got NARS Laguna Bronzer. Shock horror, it’s my first NARS product ever, so I am ecstatic over this purchase!!

Can I just say ‘WOW’, I don’t think any other word could describe it better. This bronzer is just phenomenal, just what I was looking for. It’s the perfect colour for my skin, the formula is amazing and it doesn’t have that tacky/overdone sparkly shine most bronzers do. Its matte with minimal shine and it’s just ‘WOW’! It looks natural on my skin and I can wear as much or as little as I want (toally buildable). I’m not going to lie. It is exy ($55 AUD), but contrary to that, it’s just worth it! It suits my pale skin where most bronzers just look overdone and to be blunt, ORANGE!

This is definitely a purchase that I will never look back and regret buying it. It’s a sizeable bronzer too so I know it will last forever! Now packaging, no words can describe it, it’s just practical and makes perfect sense. Its classy, its black, its NARS (so basically you can’t go wrong).

If I was you ladies and haven’t picked this bad boy up already, save your pennies and do it, I can tell this is going to be my new holy grail makeup product :) 10/10


 (NARS Laguna)


 (Swatch on my hand)




 (On my skin, dont mind the lame sweater)

Have you guys tried this product yet?