Giveaway!!! Come one, come all! Ends August 21

To do something different I thought I would do a giveaway. There are only a few small value items but I thought what the heck, who doesn’t love free makeup! So all you have to do to enter is to follow my blog and write a quick comment to me explaining what your Holy Grail makeup product is. Mine would have to be the elf brow kit!

Quick note: this is an international giveaway so anyone is welcome to enter and I will announce the winner next Wednesday the 21st :)

The products up for grabs:

–          Elf lipstick

–          Elf eyelid primer

–          Elf stipling brush

–          Elf pumping lip gloss

–          Eld brown/black mascara

–          NYX round lipstick – Aphrodite

–          Rimmel London eyeshadow

–          Cherry Blossom lashses

–          Wet n Wild lipstick

–          The Body Shop – Body lotion in vanilla (LOVEEE THIS!!)







Rimmel London’s Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review: Luna and Big Bang

I wanted to do a quick review of a product I recently purchased of ASOS – Apocalips Lip Lacquer. I purchased two shades – Luna and Big Bang. These are shades that are unavailable in Australia so if you want to pick these up its best to head to ASOS. I got mine on sale for around $7 AUD. But when I last checked they were around $11 AUD, you can pick them up from here. So lets get straight into the review..

So basically this product is marketed as a liquid lipstick which provides a satin smooth shine. I’ve never tried out anything like this so I was super excited to give these a whirl.


 The doe-foot applicator is amazing, it ensures that plenty of product can be applied without the need to dip back in. All of my swatches were off one dip! They are super pigmented and provide a full covered lipstick look without being too sticky. It’s honestly an amazing formula which does really make you feel as though you are wearing lipstick but at the same time providing that smooth shine.

Luna: I have to admit, I was a bit shocked when I first put this on my lips. I thought it would come out a nude/peach colour from online swatches but then when I put it on I would say it’s fairly orange. It’s definitely a wearable orange and has grown on me completely but nethertheless I was surprised. I definitely think it’s a bit bolder then the classic nude/peach lips so I am excited to wear this to work and see how it goes. Here is a swatch of it on my lips..


Big Bang: Big Bang is definitely a fair name for this amazing product, boy does it have a bang! Its so pigmented and bright red and I love it. Although you do have to be careful because it does stain. It applied with a lip pencil you should be fine but it definitely a high maintenance colour which is what you expect with bright red. Here is a swatch of it on my lips, excuse the dodgy application..


 What I like:

  • highly pigmented
  • easy to apply
  • the applicator
  • not sticky
  • easy to wear
  • neat packaging

 What I don’t like:

  • unless experiences using lip liners, bright shades tend to bleed
  • can smear
  • can stain your lips

Overall I am very impressed with Rimmel’s formula for the Apocalips Lip Lacquer. Being half gloss it’s easy to apply, but also being half lipstick its super pigmented. As someone who isn’t really confident with applying lip liner I did find it hard to use Big Bang as it was so bright and it was easy to make a mess of it. But to anyone who wants a gloss with an extra kick this is your go to. Go pick one up today, you can pick them up at ASOS with the shades “Big Bang” and “Luna” or if you’re not an online shopper and are happy to look at other colours, Priceline has them for $15.95.

Thanks guys



My Everyday Makeup Routine

Ok, I might not even get away with calling this “My Everyday Makeup Routine”.. Because I don’t consider this makeup?

Basically, for my everyday routine, I don’t wear foundation. All I wear is my Olay Moisturizer (normal skin), Rimmel London Scandalous Mascara and a nude coloured lipstick/lipgloss. (Side note: This is during the working week from Monday to Friday. On the weekend makeup routine is a whole other story!)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love makeup. Its more that my skin hates makeup.. I would say I have combination/oily skin so any makeup on my skin for longer then a few hours just causes it to go shiny and then as a result I break out in pimples the following day. Even after all the foundations I have tried I am still yet to find the perfect everyday foundation that doesn’t cause me to breakout in pimples (although Lioele’s BB cream and Revlon colorstay actually do a really great job).

Not only that. I have to admit, I am pretty lazy. To put foundation on every morning would just mean less sleep and I love my sleep too much haha! 

Anyways, here’s how it usually looks. I never usually post photos of myself without makeup just because I hate the unevenness of my skin.. but anyways, here goes..

Have a good one guys and speak soon :)




Makeup Haul – Rimmel London :)

Hi guys,

Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I should get back on it. I wanted to write a haul post, never written one of these before so forgive me if I’m not doing it right.
David Jones had a 50% off sale on Rimmel London so being a makeup obsessed crazy lady there was no way I could pass up the offer.
I bought their match perfection foundation in fair ivory and the stay matte powder. The rest were freebies the nice lady chucked in! How great are freebies!?

Just also doing a quick review of these products – love love love the stay matte powder however I unfortunately found that the liquid foundation didn’t have enough coverage. As for sunscreen protection this baby is SPF 18 which makes it very beneficial to use as an everyday foundation which is great for your skins health!