Makeup of the Day – The Doll Connection 2015

Hi Guys

So recently I attended The Doll Connection beauty blogger/vlogger event is Brisbane and as one does for these events, I glammed up. So today I wanted to show you how I created my look for the event as I got quite a few compliments throughout the day for my makeup.

IMG_9084 (more…)


My Everyday-Work Makeup Routine

Hi Guys,

So today I am bring you my everyday-work makeup routine. I know I love reading these posts or watching these types of videos so I thought I would show you my everyday makeup routine.


Now, I’m not one who likes to wear much makeup to work, for years I never used to wear any makeup other than mascara to work. But now my routine has updated and I like to go for a minimal makeup look when working. So lets get straight into how I created this look… (more…)

My In flight Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights

Hi Guys,

Following on from my ‘what’s in my travel makeup bag’, I wanted to do a post on what are my inflight liquid essentials plus are few over miscellaneous items. So here I basically downsized a lot of creams and hydrating sprays I use to the 100ml limit that international flights have. I watches a tonne of YouTube videos on what to bring beauty wise for international long haul flights as I want my skin to remain as healthy and hydrated as possible. So here is what I took in flight with me. (Sidenote: If you have any questions are what some products are ask me in the comments and I will do my best to get back to you with full product names and details) (more…)

Novemeber Monthly Favourities

Hi Guys,

So today we are back with another monthly favourites post woo! November was a great month, I turned twenty-one, I spent lots of time at the beach and with family so overall such a great month. Being my birthday month I got lots of new toys to play with so I am super excited to show you my monthly favourites.


Firstly I want to mention this gorgeous necklace I picked up from my hair dresser, she sells so many gorgeous pieces and I just couldn’t resist this one. It can dress up a basic outfit or make a stunning one even more jaw dropping.

image (2)

The second this I want to mention is the beautiful Pandora earing and necklace set I got off two old work friends. I haven’t taken this set off since I got it, so beautiful. Comes in a litter set, the perfect birthday/xmas gift.

image (3)

I also got a polaroid camera which is so fun! I love the little piccies it produced, used it at my party and it’s a definite must. I also added in my little 21st shot glass just cause its awesome haha! Also, Olay has a new range out, the Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream is part of that range and its fantastic. It smells great, it brightens and gives my skin an incessant glow.

image (4)

My makeup faves for this month are NARS Laguna (such a classic but I have been admiring it even more than usual this month), MAC soft and gentle (never been a fan of highlights but I am totally digging this shade) , Real Techniques eyebrow brush (found my new holy grail brow brush!), Estee Lauder red nail polish (red nails make me feel fierce and this polish is super pigmented) and MAC lipstick in Snob (basically the perfect everyday/not too much pink – a must do in my opinion).

image (5)

So there you have it guys, my monthly favourites, what was your favourite during the month of November?

image (1)

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The dream team – best products for a full coverage makeup look

Hi Guys,

Today I’m sharing with you my face dream team that I use when I am wanting a full coverage foundation base for a night out clubbing!!


Firstly, primer. It’s no secret I have chosen Porefessional by Benefit. I don’t have huge pores so instead I use this as a base and I just find its keeps my foundation matte throughout the night and doesn’t move the product around my face, it just helps it all stay put!

Secondly, foundation. I’m not going to lie, the first few times I used MAC Studio Fix I didn’t like it. I thought the hype was overrated and I wasn’t getting the coverage I required from it. It’s definitely a buildable foundation not going on heavy in your first layer. You definitely have to build up to it so depending on how much coverage you like/are after, this product creates the perfect look. Its also very light (which is surprising) and you don’t feel like your skin is stiff and unable to breath like some other full coverage foundations are. Will definitely be repurchasing this. It’s not an everyday foundation for me but I havnt been out clubbing since I purchased this product and not wearing Studio Fix.

Lastly, concealer. The hype is real! This product is worth it! Don’t waste any more time umm’ing and arr’ing about it, GO GET IT NOW! I did get mine from America so it only cost me $19 + tax instead of the $32 it costs in Australia so if you are confident ordering online from America definitely do it. I would even go as far to say that its worth the $32 Australian Dollars as with this product a little goes a LONGGG way. It’s a little pump bottle and this product just spreads so far and you would only need half a pump per use. It brightens and highlights and there is just not a bad word I can say about this product.


So there you have it! My dream team products for a full coverage face for a night out! What is your dream team?

Until next time..


M.A.C Saint Germain Lipstick Review

Hi Guys,

So today I am reviewing M.A.C’s Saint Germain Lipstick. Now this is the first M.A.C product I have ever purchased and the only one I own to this day. I had heard so many good things and when I tried it on at the shops I simply couldn’t resist not buying it. In Australia M.A.C is ridiculously expensive so this baby cost me a steep $36 which is the most I have ever paid for a lip product but I don’t regret it at all I love this lipstick!


(As you can tell I use this a lot as there’s not much left! This is is on my lips)

It’s a bubble gum pink which is bright and fun! For me this is my perfect clubbing lipstick cause it super bright and it has great staying power. It’s one of M.A.C’s amplified cream lipsticks which means it build able which I love about it, so I can dab a bit on if I want to wear it to work or layer it thick to get a brighter pink.


(please not this is not my image just one I found from the net which shows the colour better)

In terms of packaging M.A.C does an amazing job so no complaints in that department. I love how its vanilla scented, smells soo yummy! Saint Germain is definitely one of those colours though that you will either love or hate and I just happened to love it. It goes with my skin tone and doesn’t make my teeth look yellow which is what happens to a lot of other people who use this product so that’s good. I will without a doubt repurchase this product but I will wait until I go to USA in Feb as I can pick it up for $15US which is less than half of what we Aussies pay!

Overall this is a great lipstick with awesome pigmentation, a super creamy texture and great long lasting power!


(And it matches me top! Boy do I have my shit together today or what! :P )

Have you guys tried this lipstick or what is your favourite lipstick from M.A.C? Any suggestions of lipsticks I should pick up for when I go to America?