Makeup Haul – Priceline

So last night I went out for Thursday night shopping with a friend and we found ourselves in Priceline. Not even kidding we would have been there for like an hour so I just wanted to share quickly the products I got.


Firstly, I got the L’Oreal true match foundation because I had heard so many beauty guru’s on YouTube rave about it. I put it on this morning and so far so good. It is very light on the skin but the coverage isn’t as good and I hoped. (Side note: if you were wondering I got shade W2 and it was $24.33 on sale)


Secondly, I picked up eyebrow gel. Never used a product before so it was weird when I first applied it but I definitely like it.


Thirdly, I got an essence lip gloss. Its a nice nude colour so I cant wait to try it out.


 I also got three amazing nail polishes. I swear I have way too many but they were only $2.75 and they look so fresh and bright so how could I refuse.


Last but not least,ImageI got a Manicare blending brush. Haven’t used this one yet so cant wait to see what its like!


Anyways that’s me. Have a good weekend lovely’s.


God gift from heaven for all you nail painters!!

You know when you’re doing your nails and you’ve waited ages for them to dry, think you’re safe and NEK MINNIT those beautiful fresh nails are ruined because they weren’t dry and you’ve knocked them against something!!! Well I have been praying for a product to fix this and have recently found one! Essence express dry drops. Not only does it work, it’s cheap! I got mine for about $3.50 from Priceline. BRILLIANTT!