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NYX Butter Gloss Review – My 100th Post :)

Hi Guys,

So todays post is my 100th post on my blog! Wow does time fly :) So for my 100th post I am bringing to you a review of NYX’s butter glosses.

I’m not the biggest gloss fan, if I wear anything on my lips it will definitely be a matte lipstick so I was blown away when I tried these glosses. Shaaanxo inspired me to pick a few of these up and once I tried a few I went back to buy more from the range.


(Éclair, Meringue, Vanilla Crème Pie, Cherry Cheesecake, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Parfait)

Firstly, they have a huge range of colours so a girl is bound to like at least one (or like me all of them) from the 12 shade collection.

Secondly, the sweet lolly/cake-like smell entices you to keep applying this bad boy all day.

Thirdly, the colour payout on these things is incredible, I’ve never (ever!) used a gloss that gives a true to its packaging colour payoff!

Fourthly, these are $5, that’s crazy, where else can one get such a good quality gloss for $5? Nowhere!!!

Now for swatches on my lips!


(From left to right: Éclair, Vanilla Crème Pie, Meringue, Cherry Cheesecake, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Parfait)

NYX have done an excellent job with their Butter Gloss range. They’re an affordable, buttery, moisturising gloss which provide the lips with a beautiful colour and glossy shine. My score 9/10!


Have you guys tried any from the NYX Butter Gloss range?


M.A.C Saint Germain Lipstick Review

Hi Guys,

So today I am reviewing M.A.C’s Saint Germain Lipstick. Now this is the first M.A.C product I have ever purchased and the only one I own to this day. I had heard so many good things and when I tried it on at the shops I simply couldn’t resist not buying it. In Australia M.A.C is ridiculously expensive so this baby cost me a steep $36 which is the most I have ever paid for a lip product but I don’t regret it at all I love this lipstick!


(As you can tell I use this a lot as there’s not much left! This is is on my lips)

It’s a bubble gum pink which is bright and fun! For me this is my perfect clubbing lipstick cause it super bright and it has great staying power. It’s one of M.A.C’s amplified cream lipsticks which means it build able which I love about it, so I can dab a bit on if I want to wear it to work or layer it thick to get a brighter pink.


(please not this is not my image just one I found from the net which shows the colour better)

In terms of packaging M.A.C does an amazing job so no complaints in that department. I love how its vanilla scented, smells soo yummy! Saint Germain is definitely one of those colours though that you will either love or hate and I just happened to love it. It goes with my skin tone and doesn’t make my teeth look yellow which is what happens to a lot of other people who use this product so that’s good. I will without a doubt repurchase this product but I will wait until I go to USA in Feb as I can pick it up for $15US which is less than half of what we Aussies pay!

Overall this is a great lipstick with awesome pigmentation, a super creamy texture and great long lasting power!


(And it matches me top! Boy do I have my shit together today or what! :P )

Have you guys tried this lipstick or what is your favourite lipstick from M.A.C? Any suggestions of lipsticks I should pick up for when I go to America?


Review on Benefits “They’re real!” Mascara

Hi Guys,

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t known about Benefit Cosmetics for years and years. Probably have only known the brand for about 6 months now. But in that time I have most definitely become a loyal supporter of the brand. I think Benefit is a fabulous brand which produces excellent quality products with the most unique/adorable packaging.

So onto why I am posting. I am doing a review of Benefits “They’re Real!” Mascara. The website says that the product “lengthens, volumises, lifts, curls & separates” and I couldn’t agree more with each one of those five statements. I find this mascara to be very lengthening on my lashes, and what girl doesn’t want that right! Not only does this mascara lengthen it also volumises the lashes. Lifts them so that they look even longer, and curls them for that false lash effect. One of my favourite things about this mascara is that it separates the lases to make them look fuller while at the same time not being clumpy and that’s very hard to find with mascaras.



(As you can see I font have visible lashes as I have blonde hair so this mascara really helps me highlight those otherwise hidden lashes)

Benefits goes on to say that the mascaras “jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out!” Now I love the part about it being jet black and long wearing but at the same time its ability to be a long-wearing formula also annoys me as I find it extremely to remove when I am taking my makeup off. I mean, it’s great if you get pushed in a pool as you know it isn’t going to smudge straight away but when you want to go to bed after a big night even after washing your face it’s kind of hard not to wake up with black circles under your eye the next day.

Lastly Benefit says “A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!” This is one of my favourite things about this product. The brush is just phenomenal! As you can see from the pic below this brush is perfect for getting into all those hard to reach places. I love using the top for getting my inner corner eye lashes which is near impossible to reach with every other mascara wand I have tried. Its also perfect to use for those bottom lashes and this brush in general has really won over the product for me.


I received a sample of this product and found it amazing so I just recently got the full size and it is defiantly my new go-to mascara.

Have any of you guys tried this mascara and if so, thoughts?


NARS Laguna Bronzer Review

As usual, I’m late to the party (my bad). It was my birthday the other day and as usual I wanted to pick up some makeup. This time however, I splashed out and went for a high end product (after all it was my birthday!), so I got NARS Laguna Bronzer. Shock horror, it’s my first NARS product ever, so I am ecstatic over this purchase!!

Can I just say ‘WOW’, I don’t think any other word could describe it better. This bronzer is just phenomenal, just what I was looking for. It’s the perfect colour for my skin, the formula is amazing and it doesn’t have that tacky/overdone sparkly shine most bronzers do. Its matte with minimal shine and it’s just ‘WOW’! It looks natural on my skin and I can wear as much or as little as I want (toally buildable). I’m not going to lie. It is exy ($55 AUD), but contrary to that, it’s just worth it! It suits my pale skin where most bronzers just look overdone and to be blunt, ORANGE!

This is definitely a purchase that I will never look back and regret buying it. It’s a sizeable bronzer too so I know it will last forever! Now packaging, no words can describe it, it’s just practical and makes perfect sense. Its classy, its black, its NARS (so basically you can’t go wrong).

If I was you ladies and haven’t picked this bad boy up already, save your pennies and do it, I can tell this is going to be my new holy grail makeup product :) 10/10


 (NARS Laguna)


 (Swatch on my hand)




 (On my skin, dont mind the lame sweater)

Have you guys tried this product yet?


Australis Velourlips Review: MAL-I-BOO

Australis has an awesome new lip product out at the moment called Velourlips Matte Lip Creams. This product has the best colour payout ever! Its basically a liquid lipstick which leaves a soft matte finish.

There are 5 shades available, PA-REE (nude), NY-CEE (red) and MAL-I-BOO (neon pink), TOK-I-O (purple), RIO-D (coral).
I only bought MAL-I-BOO to test out but I will definitely be going back for more :).

The colour is amazing, its that perfect bright pink lip! I find it makes my teeth look extra white as well. I just love it :)

Being a matte lip product they are a bit dry feeling. But on the flip side the colour is going to stay over there evenly and not slide around your lips. for MAL-I-BOO I applied 2 coats so I did have to build it up to a colour I was happy with but its still wearable with only 1 cost.

In my opinion, they are the perfect night out lip colour as you don’t have to worry that the colour will transfer onto a glass or move around on your lips. The bad thing about that was that I did need to use Lush’s lip scrub to remove the product. So it did get a bit messy in the end, but totally worth it.

Will definately be going back to purchase the rest of the range :)


Here is me wearing the amazing product :)


Have your tried out this amazing product? Leave me your thoughts :)


Review – Lioele Triple the Solution

I decided I wanted to start writing product reviews, so here is my review on a popular BB cream- Lioele’s Triple the Solution! 

Description: UV Protection (SPF 30 pa ++) – Whitening, Wrinkle care, Oil and Acne Control. Triple skin skin solution create a young fresh look and with great flawless coverage. Non greasy, creamy and lightweight, this BB cream will allow your skin to breathe. This foundation substitute will not only provide you with coverage, it will help fade and brighten old acne blemishes with plant extracts such as Tangerine and Strawberry. (from

Packaging: The packaging is cute. It’s a cute girly pink and white design and has a great pump. The pump has good control and you are able to pump out as much as you want without accidently pumping out too much product. Because it’s a pump is as hygienic as you can get.

Results/Coverage: This product has medium/heavy coverage depending on how you apply it. Compared to other BB creams I have tried, it would definitely have the best coverage. On days where I don’t want to wear makeup but I just want to even out my skin tone, this is my go to.

When applying it at first it feels quite heavy but in saying that it does spread quite evenly. If you are going for a full coverage look I would suggest using this as your primer. It will even out the skin before putting on foundation (possibly eliminating the need for concealer completely).

Overall it’s a really great BB cream. The best I have tried to date. It gives my skin a nice glow and as someone with oily skin it is definitely wearable without the need to apply powder. Although if you are after a perfect matte look I would suggest using a powder.