Time and time again I see girls break key makeup don’t rules so in this post I just wanted to point a few of these out.


Firstly, wearing foundation that is too dark. Yes we all want to be the dark natural tan shade but in reality we are most likely light porcelain! If you don’t know what shade you are, ask someone when you go to buy foundation. Avoid the dodgy makeup neck line and match your foundation to your skin puhhleeeeeeeease.

Secondly, adding too much blush and bronzer. Honey, we got it three layers ago, no need to keep piling it on. And while on that topic, don’t contour too much. Sometimes less is more.

Thirdly, wearing ridiculous eye shadow colours. Once again, less is more. Keep it simple. If you don’t know how to apply eye shadow correctly its best not to apply it at all.

Fourthly, lipstick. Surely it’s not just me who knows if you do big smoky eyes you keep a simple lip and if you want bold lips keep the eyes simple. Like common ladies, common sense! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. And while on topic, don’t overdraw your lips. It looks tacky.

Fifthly, EYEBROWS! We all know strong eyebrows are all the rave right now. But need I just remind you there is a fine line between nice structured eyebrows and HOLY CRAP YOU CLOWN! And boy do I know a few clowns haha.

Anyways they are my makeup donts. There are many more I could add but I shall save those for a rainy day.




What a downer – TV finale bummers

So recently I finished New Girl season 2 (I should be studying for my final exams but lets not dwell on that) and I was totally bummed with the finale episode. I’m not going to post a spoiler about what happened, but long story short, in my opinion, they could have ended it a lot better. I know that’s the point of season finales, leave the door of possibility wide open so us viewers are begging for more. But this leads me to the point of this post, when have you ever been unsatisfied with a season finale to the point you are actually annoyed?? Please tell me its not just me, anyway leave me a comment below and we can chit chat. 

From an annoyed tv enthusiast